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    23 Things You Should Know Before You Move To NYC

    Like where to buy liquor and donuts.

    1. The subway is a totally different beast on the weekend.

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    In general, trains run less frequently on the weekend. Your train might not come, or it might run on a different line, or it might randomly stop running eight stops from your destination. It will be infuriating, but you'll learn to adapt.

    2. It's easy to confuse uptown vs. downtown subway stations.

    Becky Johns CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: beckyjohns

    If you're not reading them closely, that is. Double check the signs before heading down into them — otherwise, you might swipe yourself in and waste fare on the wrong side.

    3. And it's courtesy to let people off the train first.

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    You'd think it's common sense, but you'd be wrong.

    4. Grocery stores and drug stores don't sell liquor.

    5. Many things worth eating will be cash only.

    Jerry refuses to go to a Cash Only diner. J:"They’ve seen the credit card! They know the credit card! It’s time to accept the credit card!"

    Tons of eateries all over the city will only take cash or have a credit card minimum, so be sure to carry some paper.

    6. NYC is arguably the donut capital of the world.

    7. Avenue blocks are longer than street blocks.

    8. That scaffolding will never come down. Ever.

    9. Overestimate your budget.

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    You know New York is expensive, but it never fails to surprise you just how quickly your money can disappear. It's always safe to overestimate and round up when budgeting.

    10. And on that note, see if your job will help you out with transit fare.

    11. Take advantage of those fruit and vegetable stands on every corner.

    Grant Schweppe CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: gschweppe

    They're cheap and delicious. Same goes for other food carts all over the streets.

    12. There's a slice of the city for SO many countries.

    13. Most city parks offer free WiFi.

    14. Harmon's Discount is your best bet for toiletries.

    15. And no one will ever judge your bodega purchases.

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    It could be condoms, a BLT, and a role of masking tape at 2 AM. No one will blink an eye: Stranger things have happened.

    16. There's so much history – if you know where to look.

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    NYC is simultaneously super trendy and totally historic. Check out this list of restaurants, shops, and bars that have stood the test of time.

    17. You really can get cultured for cheap.

    18. And be a part of your favorite TV shows for free.

    19. The best view of the Statue of Liberty is from the Staten Island Ferry, which is free.

    20. If you want a tattoo, this is the place to get it.

    21. If you have the choice, live closer to your social life than your job.

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    You have to go to work, so you'll make the commute. But it's a lot easier to skip out on your non-mandatory social life because it's too much of a hassle to get to your friends, bars, or clubs.

    22. It can feel like everyone is caught up in their own thing.

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    Sometimes, even though you'll be surrounded by people, noises, and smells 24/7, you will still feel lonely and like you have nothing figured out. But you're not the only one!

    23. Remember: Live your OWN ~NYC dream.~



    Don't waste time comparing yourself to some ideal version of NYC life you assumed you'd be living. Just do you.

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