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26 Underrated Amusement Parks To Visit Before You Die

Move over, Disneyland.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most underrated amusement park they have ever visited. Here are the best of the obscure:

1. Knoebels Grove

Where: Elysburg, Pennsylvania

"It’s free admission and you pay per ride in tickets. They have great wooden roller coasters, and the park is perfect for families. All the food is great, too! it’s consistently ranked as one of the best family amusement parks in America." –juliav4fac42221

2. Story Land

3. King's Dominion

Where: Doswell, Virginia

"There's a ride called The Drop Zone, which is a tower ride but, instead of shooting you up, they drop you down. Total free-fall until about half-way down. Not a crowded park, there were hardly any lines. It was awesome!" - Dale Enomoto, Facebook.

4. Lagoon

Where: Farmington, Utah

"The whole park has so much character. They keep the old rides and are always adding and improving rides. The food is fantastic, the shows are great, there's a water park, even a zoo! And the views of the mountains are unbeatable!" –rachelp48d6f7be8

5. Holiday World

6. Worlds Of Fun

Where: Kansas City, Missouri

"It's modeled after 'Around the World in 80 Days' and different sections of the park are based on different countries. It's like going on a vacation in one park. Plus the Mamba roller coaster is amazing." –leiaamidala

7. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

8. Michigan's Adventure

Where: Muskegon, Michigan

"It's $30 for a day pass which includes the amusement park and water park. It boasts 7 roller coasters including Shivering Timbers - the longest, fastest wooden roller coaster in the state." –chloer4e31f2ec1

9. Busch Gardens

10. Tivoli Gardens

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

"You can spend the entire day on the rides then on Saturdays, listen to the free concert." –rachelf43a5947b1

11. Kennywood

Where: West Mifflin, Pennsylvania

"KENNYWOOD, just outside of Pittsburgh! It is the perfect nostalgic amusement park (where they filmed Adventureland!) and it has a great mix of old classic rides, 100-year-old coasters, and crazy new steel and indoor ones that are the best." –joniraecorak

12. Lake Compounce

13. Lotte World

Where: Seoul, South Korea

"Where else can you get soy-flavored popcorn and sugar/ketchup on a corndog? And who doesn't love 2 parks for 1: indoor and outdoor. Not to mention it's in the heart of the capital Seoul." – lisab4523cdc75

14. Cliff's Amusement Park

15. Cedar Point

Where: Sandusky, Ohio

"Ohio is where it's at! From the Blue Streak to the Top Thrill Dragster, it truly deserves its title of The Roller Coaster Capital Of The World! And let's not forget that the entire park is filled with the Charlie Brown characters!!" –alyssac4334c3366

16. Canada's Wonderland

17. Hershey Park

Where: Hershey, Pennsylvania

"What could be more awesome than a day at an amusement park riding roller coasters finished with a tour of a chocolate factory that gives you free chocolate at the end?! I ate literal pounds of chocolate. No park will ever compare." –justing4b69df5f)

18. Silver Dollar City

Where: Branson, Missouri

"This place is the definition of a theme park. EVERYTHING is all in sync with the old-timey theme. They have everything from homemade root beer to glass blowing. Not to mention that their Christmas time atmosphere cannot be beat." –brittanyolivias

19. Carowinds

Where: Charlotte, North Carolina

"I've been going there since I can remember and always get season passes. It's got amazing roller coasters and a water park and their Halloween Scarowinds has the best haunted houses! I've seen rides come and go and I still love it!" –katelynnicolej

20. Knott's Berry Farm

21. King's Island

22. Canobie Lake Park

Where: Salem, New Hampshire

"It's fun, affordable, has tons of rides, and you'll rarely be waiting in lines. It has even got a Boston Tea Party-inspired ride and a dark ride through a haunted mine. I go to Canobie at least once a year, it's a really fantastic little place!" –Courtney

23. Efteling

24. Valleyfair

25. Enchanted Forest

Where: Salem, Oregon

"It's just a short drive away from Portland. A fantasy and fairy tale lover's dream!" –angels4d4906ef4

26. Sesame Place

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments below!

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