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    21 Swimsuits You Probably Shouldn't Try To Swim In

    Not to mention the weird tan lines.

    1. Minimale Animale Outsider Mesh Bikini


    Yeah, like those palm trees will stay in place.

    Nasty Gal, $230.

    2. Amuse Society Angie Sequin Bralette Bikini Top


    Have you ever rubbed your arm against the sequin grain? Imagine that wet.

    Urban Outfitters, $68.

    3. One Teaspoon Abbey Lee Bikini Top


    Two words: WET. LEATHER.

    Nasty Gal, $100.

    4. Black Faux Leather Lace Up Monokini Swimsuit


    Somehow we feel wet pleather would be even worse.

    Ami Clubwear, $57.19.

    5. Black Printed Mesh Elastic Two Piece Swimsuit


    You're gonna love the feel of damp mesh against your skin.

    Lolli Couture, $32.99.

    6. Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in Royal Velvet


    "Wet Velvet" sounds like the band your weird neighbor keeps inviting you to see because he knows the drummer.

    ModCloth, $89.99.

    7. Honey Deep Plunge Bikini Set


    And "Wet Faux Suede" is the opener.

    YourLaMode, $78.99.

    8. Indah Marjan Fringe Bikini Top


    You're gonna look so good when a wave slaps those bad boys in your face.

    Urban Outfitters, $154.

    9. Micro Mini Thong Swimsuit


    "Micro mini" indeed.

    AliExpress, $23.99.

    10. Furry Delight Bikini Set


    Unless you want to take your wet dog look to the ~next level~.

    Dolls Kill, $21.80.

    11. Stuns 'n Roses Scuba Bikini Top


    Well this significantly limits your range of motion...

    Nasty Gal, $75.

    12. Nikita Buckle Bikini Bottom


    Just what wet leather was missing: Scalding hot metal buttons.

    Open Sky, $69.

    13. Cannonball Contest Swimsuit Top


    Those seem like a choking hazard.

    Modcloth, $57.99.

    14. Indah Siri Rubber Fringe Bikini Top


    OK, to be fair, your front crawl would be EXTREMELY badass in this.

    Nasty Gal, $255.

    15. Silver Metallic High Waist Deep Plunge Swimsuit


    I mean, if you're spilling out of it just standing there...

    ASOS, $54.37.

    16. Savage Art Metal Bikini


    Far from water friendly, and you might also cut yourself in maybe the worst places imaginable.

    Open Sky, $575.

    17. Savor the Sunshine Swimsuit Top


    Aw, these ruffles would be so sad and droopy after a dip.

    Modcloth, $54.99.

    18. Anna Kosturova Modernista Shortkini


    It would be like swimming in the sweater grandma knitted you! (Sorry to bring your grandma into this...)

    Dolls Kill, $150.

    19. Bling Bikini Veil


    You know what, by the end of a bachelorette party, you should be drunk enough to swim in this.

    Etsy, $19.95.

    20. Monokini With Chains



    YourLaMode, $58.99.

    21. Swimmable Mermaid Tail


    OK, it may say "swimmable," but really, how far do you think you'd get?

    Etsy, $30.