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19 Struggles Only People Who Are Always Right Will Understand

You're surrounded by idiots.

1. Coming up with new ways to say "I told you so."

ABC / Via

2. Getting incredibly frustrated when others don't take your advice.

BBC One / Via

Why can't they see that?!

3. And being confused as to why they wouldn't just listen to you in the first place.

CBS / Via

4. Not getting to sit shotgun when you should obviously be the navigator.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Did I not say to take the second right?

5. Knowing that sometimes, you just have to let someone be wrong.

Universal Pictures / Via

You know what, let her go on a date with your ex. Some ridiculousness must be witnessed first hand.

6. When your confidence is mistaken for arrogance.

7. When all you want is to share your boundless understanding.

8. Two words: Group. Projects.

DreamWorks / Via

Do you want an A? Shut up and listen.

9. Phrasing your answers so they're not condescending.

DreamWorks / Via

10. Waiting for people to finish explaining what you already understand.

Jive Records / Via

"No it's not my first spin class, just my first time at this studio, but yeah, sure, you can explain the mechanics of the bike to me..."

11. And feigning ignorance while you wait.


"Oh, so this part is the seat? Interesting."

12. Meeting new people and having to prove your wealth of expertise all over again.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

You too will learn to never question my judgment.

13. Watching your bar trivia team debate the answer you already know.

Bravo / Via

"Just write it down, I said the answer was NSYNC like, ten minutes ago."

14. Adding "I'm pretty sure" to the beginning of your answer because you want to be polite.

New Line Cinema / Via

"I hear what you're saying, but I'm pretty sure Chick-fil-A isn't open on Sunday..."

15. Knowing that any argument could be resolved SO MUCH FASTER if they would just admit they're wrong.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

"Babe, BABE, Tom Cruise was not in Pretty in Pink, you're thinking of Risky Business."

16. The brief shiver of dread when you think maybe, JUST MAYBE, you could be not 100% correct.

CBS / Via

"Wait...did The White Album come out in 1968 or '69?

17. Being overwhelmed by demands for your wisdom.

Universal Pictures / Via

18. The burden of knowledge that is heavy on your shoulders.

HBO / Via

19. Remembering to stay humble when you're this #blessed with knowledge.

Comedy Central / Via

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