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    Posted on Dec 27, 2015

    19 Ways To Spell Out Your Love Of Letters

    DIYs and decor to fuel your inner word nerd.

    Lauren Paul / BuzzFeed

    1. DIY some gilded letter balloon pillows.

    Kelly Mindell / Via

    #scrabblegoals. Learn to make 'em here.

    2. Spell your heart out with these Scrabble tile string lights.

    Light up your life with letters. Get a set here.

    3. Or arrange a set of personalized monogram candles.

    Set the mood with letters. Get your own set here.

    4. Glitterize some alphabet magnets.

    Kelly Mindell / Via

    Glitter makes everything better. Learn to do it here.

    5. These coasters will provide plenty of synonyms for your drink of choice.

    How many four-letter words for drinks for drinks do you know? Get the whole set here.

    6. Cross stitch some monograms out of perler beads.

    Mollie Johanson / Handmade Charlotte / Via

    Too. Cute. Learn to do it here.

    7. Spell it out in succulents with these ceramic dishes.

    Or fill 'em with anything your heart desires. Find them here.

    8. This purse pulls double duty by spelling out your fave holiday too.

    Bonus points for using the elusive 8-pt 'X'. Get it here.

    9. Clip the pages of your favorite book with these alphabet paper clips.

    Spell it out and save your place. Find 'em here.

    10. Paint some watercolor monogram straw toppers.

    Kelly Mindell / Via

    Also handy in claiming your beverage. Check out how to make these here.

    11. Share your love of letters with these alphabet gift boxes.

    Give the gift of words! Get a set of boxes here.

    12. Get some big ol' letters to adorn your favorite place.

    Four-letter word for best place on Earth? Get this set and others here.

    13. Spell out some yummy subtext with these trivets.

    Bon appetit! Get one here.

    14. These monogram wine stoppers will help you spell out what matters most.

    So obviously get a set to spell out 'wine'. Find the ones you need here.

    15. Get cozy with these letters that nuzzle up to each other.

    Find the ones that speak to you here.

    16. Make some cute little monogrammed favor bags.

    Kelly Mindell / Via

    Perfect for trinkets and gifts. Check out this DIY here.

    17. DIY these marble place card holders.

    Ashley Rose / Via

    Seating, spelled out. Learn to make them here.

    18. Carry around your love of letters by the bucketful.

    Get this set or a personalized one herehere.

    19. And make your letters pop with these alphabet balloons.

    Find a festive bunch here.

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