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    23 Scones That Are Here To Shake Up Tea Time

    Earl Grey. Steeped, not stirred.

    Amy Sefton for BuzzFeed

    1. These scones laugh in the face of dainty cucumber sandwiches.

    2. These scones that know it ain't easy being green.

    Amber and Alex / Fettle Vegan / Via

    3. These scones know sometimes you want the coffee shop goodies without dealing with coffee shop people.

    Kimberly Ann / Bake Love Give / Via

    4. The scones that know the only thing better than tea is chocolate.

    Johanna / Green Gourmet Giraffe / Via

    5. These scones that insist upon PSL, tea time be damned.

    Janette / Culinary Ginger / Via

    6. These little guys know when it comes to your #teasquad, the more the merrier.

    Valentina / Kitchen Highlights / Via

    7. These sweeties are just begging to be dunked.

    Laura / Tutti Dolci / Via

    Bring on the chamomile. Recipe: Peach & Honey Scones

    8. After all, tea time = party time.

    Bonnie Eng / Via

    Recipe: Confetti Scones

    9. These class acts love tea time with grandma too.

    Lucy / Super Golden Bakes / Via

    Bonus points for marmalade. Recipe: Orange Poppyseed Scones

    10. And these guys know when it comes to jam, the limit does not exist.

    Angie / Sea Salt With Food / Via

    11. Who said tea time can't be tropical?

    Chris / Perfect Housewife To Be / Via

    Pair with mango green tea. Recipe: Coconut Scones with Lemon

    12. These scones know how much you love miniature things.

    Bonnie Eng / Via

    And they agree that the smaller the scone, the more of them you can eat.

    Recipe: Mini Cream Scones

    13. The only thing better than a scone is a FRIED scone.

    14. Because tea time isn't all white linen tablecloths and stuck-up pinkies.

    Laura / Blogging Over Thyme / Via

    Get down and dirty with this gang. Recipe: Raspberry Pistachio Scones with Lemon Glaze

    15. It's about relaxing, dunking, and savoring all that crumbly goodness.

    Sally's Baking Addiction / Via

    16. And basically eating cake in whatever form you can get it.

    Laura / Blogging Over Thyme / Via

    But isn't everything about cake, in some way?

    Recipe: Carrot Cake Scones with Maple Cream Cheese Glaze

    17. Sure tea time can be traditional, but it's more fun when you experiment.

    18. Who knows what delicious hybrids you'll create?

    Amanda / Sagely Sweet / Via

    Oh banana bread, what CAN'T you do? Recipe: Banana Bread Scones with Brown Butter Icing

    19. Like these nut and berry-packed squares with enough energy boost to rival that black tea in your hand.

    Mary / The Kitchen Paper / Via

    20. This buttery goodness is gonna fall apart if it doesn't get some rooibos, stat.

    Ramona / The Merchant Baker / Via

    21. These guys know sometimes you need something savory to match your strong cuppa.

    Anina / Anina's Recipes / Via

    22. And these treats can handle your spicier herbal blends.

    23. But these party animals? Hot toddies all the way.

    Dini / The Flavor Bender / Via

    So cheers to life's ~ultimate pair~