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    17 Reminders Of How Important Trucker Hats Were

    As if you needed reminding.

    1. FIRST OF ALL. Never 4get patron saint Ashton Kutcher.

    2. He's like: "Jay, would anyone really even watch this if I weren't wearing this hat?"

    3. And LiLo couldn't run her errands without one.

    4. If it weren't for that terrible hat, you'd be able to tell this is Brody Jenner.

    5. How do you think Cameron Diaz managed such a low profile?

    6. Benji Madden needed his Vans trucker hat to keep it ~real~.

    7. Jaime Pressly's black and white ~lewk~ would be sorely lacking without this hat.

    8. How would Josh Duhamel ever re-fuel his vehicle?

    9. How else would AnnaLynne McCord keep her face perfectly framed by her sleek tresses?

    10. We would NEVER remember Laurie Ann Gibson without this unforgettable headpiece.

    11. I mean, if fashion icon Paris Hilton is wearing one...

    12. Ashlee Simpson kept it ~punk~ with this plaid number.

    13. That IS hot, Nicole. So hot.

    14. A.J. McLean needed that hat to complete the T-Mobile Sidekick and polo shirt trifecta.

    15. JT basically owes his timeless fashion to Von Dutch.

    16. Trucker hats 4 ever.

    17. Trucker hats 4 lyfe.