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    17 Reminders Of How Important Trucker Hats Were

    As if you needed reminding.

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    1. FIRST OF ALL. Never 4get patron saint Ashton Kutcher.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Now and forever tha god of trucker hatz.

    2. He's like: "Jay, would anyone really even watch this if I weren't wearing this hat?"

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images


    3. And LiLo couldn't run her errands without one.

    Nicholas / Fame Pictures

    Or her velour sweatpants.

    4. If it weren't for that terrible hat, you'd be able to tell this is Brody Jenner.

    La / LA/

    Celebrities need their privacy, y'all.

    5. How do you think Cameron Diaz managed such a low profile?

    Bauer Griffin / Via

    6. Benji Madden needed his Vans trucker hat to keep it ~real~.

    Ghost / GHOST/Fame Pictures

    7. Jaime Pressly's black and white ~lewk~ would be sorely lacking without this hat.

    Tom Grizzle / Getty Images

    8. How would Josh Duhamel ever re-fuel his vehicle?

    Nicolas / Fame Pictures

    He'd be blinded by the sun!

    9. How else would AnnaLynne McCord keep her face perfectly framed by her sleek tresses?

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    ~so many layerrrrrs.~

    10. We would NEVER remember Laurie Ann Gibson without this unforgettable headpiece.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    How is this even staying on her head? Who even is Laurie Ann?

    11. I mean, if fashion icon Paris Hilton is wearing one...

    Barm / BARM/Fame Pictures

    12. Ashlee Simpson kept it ~punk~ with this plaid number.

    Dose / Via

    13. That IS hot, Nicole. So hot.

    Jamie Trueblood / Via

    14. A.J. McLean needed that hat to complete the T-Mobile Sidekick and polo shirt trifecta.

    Michael Buckner / Getty Images

    Look how he's showing off.

    15. JT basically owes his timeless fashion to Von Dutch.

    Vince Bucci / Via Getty Images

    16. Trucker hats 4 ever.

    Rick Diamond / Getty Images

    17. Trucker hats 4 lyfe.

    Fame / Fame Pictures