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32 Exhilarating Moments Every Runner Lives For

You didn't know we were racing, sir, but I just won.

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1. Getting the road all to yourself.


Makes getting up at 5 a.m. totally worth it.

2. Just beating the flashing walk signal.


AKA the orange hand of death.

3. Creating the perfect playlist.

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BPMs are your friend.

4. When your pump-up song comes on just when you need it most.

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5. Reaching the top of a hill you didn't realize was a hill.

6. The blessed downhill.


You're flying!

7. Passing the person ahead of you on the path.

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You didn't know we were racing, sir, but I just won.

8. Finding earphones that stay in place.

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9. Conquering the elements.

Because nothing gets in the way of your runner's high.

10. That first stride when your shoes are officially broken in.


Snug as a bug in a well-constructed running shoe.

11. Two words: Foam. Roller.

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The most painful massage you will never regret.

12. Joining a running group that shares your other interests.


AKA beer.

13. Checking your time and seeing you went WAY faster than you thought.

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14. Checking the map and seeing you went WAY farther than you thought.

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15. Avoiding the deceptively deep puddle.

16. Finding the themed race that was made for you.


The Krispy Kreme Challenge is pretty much the working title for your autobiography.

17. Successfully pinning on your race bib without stabbing yourself.


But actually, who thought safety pins and running mix?

18. Carbs on carbs with a side of carbs.

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And some protein and healthy fats, I guess.

19. Finding a sale on leggings.

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Looking good and staying warm ain't cheap.

20. Experiencing the joys of compression wear.


Pseudo-science or not, you feel better and that's what matters.

21. That view.


22. Dressing perfectly for the weather.

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23. The odd thrill of having a runner-specific injury.

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Yeah your knee hurts, but you have ~*~runner's knee~*~.

24. And that first run after bouncing back from that injury.

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25. Finding a cross-training activity that isn't boring.


So long, elliptical!

26. Beasting your speed workout.


And feeling like a magnificent warrior cheetah.

27. Having a straight-up epiphany in the middle of your run.

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Nothing clears the mind like a good run.

28. Hearing your name screamed during a race.

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Is it your best friend, or a stranger reading your bib? Who cares, you're a rock star!

29. Creating your own trail mix or energy bar.

30. Getting your friends into running.

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Spread the endorphins!

31. Achieving that elusive PR.

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32. And setting a new one.

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