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27 Inspirations For The Most Important Room In Your Home

Fact: A beautiful kitchen makes everything taste better.

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1. Bring the countryside to your kitchen.

2. This antique setup will actually make you a better cook.

It's science.

3. This aqua is an actual tropical paradise.

4. But this lemon is a sunny citrus dream.

5. A gold accent goes a long way.

6. Keep the best stuff just out of reach.

Accessible only via a kick-ass library ladder.

7. Class up your wooden crates.

8. Go wild.

Spring for the animal print rug you've always wanted.

9. Show your drink of choice some love.

10. Turn your pantry into a coffee bar.

11. You need this stove. Don't tell me you don't.

12. Make sure everyone knows their place.

And has some lovely greenery to look at.

13. Retro + neon = kitchen win.

14. Never shy away from patterns.

15. Go neutral and let some flowers take center stage.

16. Show mother nature some love.

With plenty of plants and a color palette to match.

17. All that black is sleek AF.

18. Get contemporary with sleek geometry and bold colors.

19. Step up your ceramic collection.

20. Get eclectic.

You don't fit in one box; neither should your kitchen.

23. Never misplace the oregano again.


25. Turn your kitchen tools into display art.

27. Just turn the whole damn thing into a greenhouse.

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