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19 Types Of Apartments You Always See On Craigslist

Spacious 1BR in the heart of the city? You'll believe it when you see it.

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4. The Closet.

Well, getting ready in the morning should be easy.


6. The Sleeping Space.

Seems legit.

7. The Darkroom.

"We don't need windows, right, babe?"


10. The Blatant Creeper.

No, it's fine, we'll be ~like friends~.


13. The All-In-One.

It's everything you need in one (ridiculously small) place!

14. The One With a Co-op Board.

Often accompanied by a 20-page application, a $100 fee, and upwards of 10 reference letters required.

16. The Walk-Up.

You'll never have to do squats again!


17. The Unintentional Walk-Up.

P.S. the elevator hasn't worked in six years.

19. The One You Could Settle For.

Is it a roof over your head? Awesome, because you're too exhausted to look at another apartment ever again.