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27 Insanely Talented Tattoo Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram

Rad art from rad people.

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Home Base: Private studio in St. Petersburg, Russia

Known For: Vibrant, prismatic geometric watercolors

Fun Fact: She has a degree in graphic design.

Home Base: Alleged Tattoo, Seattle (planning to relocate to Los Angeles)

Known For: Stylized wood-cut and etching pieces

Fun Fact: She would love to tattoo David Bowie.

Home Base: Off the Map Tattoo; Cervignano Del Friuli (UD), Italy

Known For: Chromatic abstract pop art

Fun Fact: When he was little, he wanted to become an animated cartoon.

Home Base: Private studio in Frederick, Maryland

Known For: Folk-art-inspired pieces in muted colors

Fun Fact: He's really into antiques.

Home Base: Two Hands Tattoo; Auckland, New Zealand

Known For: Geometric pieces inspired by nature

Fun Fact: Both his parents were "pretty unconventional" artists.

Home Base: Wonderland Tattoo; Portland, Oregon

Known For: Naturalistic tattoos with an occult flair

Fun Fact: She claims to be descended from Salem witches.

Home Base: Private studio in Berlin

Known For: Minimalistic and elegant lines

Fun Fact: With little to no experience drawing, Machlev draws upon his inner "computer kid" for inspiration.

Home Base: Private studio in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Known For: Stunning lines and detailed dotwork

Fun Fact: She has a subtly beautiful face tattoo.

Home Base: Tribal Rites Tattoo; Fort Collins, Colorado

Known For: Colorful art nouveau

Fun Fact: He rock climbs!

Home Base: Sang Bleu Tattoo, London

Known For: Bold etched lines and sacred geometry

Fun Fact: Founder and director of Sang Bleu magazine.

Home Base: Dark Age Tattoo, Seattle

Known For: Illustrative, old-school tattoos

Fun Fact: She's a badass weight lifter on the side.

Home Base: AKA Tattoo, Berlin

Known For: Contemporary and abstract figures

Fun Fact: He's also a gifted graffiti artist.

Home Base: Master & Tattoo; Kaliningrad, Russia

Known For: Graphic and delicate design with mythical influences

Fun Fact: He doesn't believe in perfection and prefers "natural asymmetries."

Home Base: Mom's Body Shop, San Francisco

Known For: Abstract imagery with old-school flair

Fun Fact: He's also an avid surfer.

Home Base: Katowice, Poland

Known For: Combining the natural and mythical with a signature pointillist style

Fun Fact: He's heavily influenced by Slavic folklore.

Home Base: On the road

Known For: Imaginative surrealist pieces with subdued colors

Fun Fact: His trippy faces are a fan favorite.

Home Base: Idle Hand Tattoo, San Francisco

Known For: Heavy contrast and realism

Fun Fact: His first tattoo was a "bad tribal" on his forearm.

Home Base: Salon Serpent, Amsterdam

Known For: Whimsical and abstract etchings

Fun Fact: She's (sort of) been on a date with Brad Pitt!

Home Base: Private studio in Berlin

Known For: Splashy cubist and abstract pieces

Fun fact: Co-owner of vegetarian restaurant Laauma in Berlin.

Home Base: Sinsin Tattoo; Antwerp, Belgium

Known For: Delicate lines in incredibly realistic black and gray

Fun Fact: He tattooed the best Squidward you've ever seen.

Home Base: Erntezeit, Berlin

Known For: Intricate, traditional dotwork

Fun Fact: Her latest guest spot is in an adorable cottage in Berlin.

Home Base: Artisan Tattoo, Pittsburgh

Known For: Sharp blackwork and vivid neotraditional pieces

Fun Fact: His dreadlock game is on point.

Home Base: Blackout Tattoo Workshop, Kiev

Known For: Stunning surrealism and stark linework

Fun Fact: He has fantastic taste in ponchos.

24. Jade Tomlinson and Kev James

Home Base: The White Elephant Studio, London

Known For: Surreal, cubist, and geometric illustrations

Fun Fact: The duo are known collectively as Expanded Eye and create their pieces based on their clients' stories.

Home Base: Mad Fish Tattoo, Moscow

Known For: Fun, vivid pixelwork

Fun Fact: Sometimes he sticks things in his beard.

Home Base: The Circle, London

Known For: Unrivaled stippling and geometric illusions

Fun Fact: She tattooed her mom and it was super nerve-racking.

Home Base: Private studio in Adelaide, Australia

Known For: Eclectic dotwork and minimalist lines

Fun Fact: He's lost count of how many tattoos he has.

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