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33 Incredibly Easy Tricks To Vastly Improve Your Entryway

From foyer to mudroom to doormat in your studio.

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1. Choose furniture that can pull double (or quadruple) duty.

Mirror, hooks, drawer, AND a table?! Win.

2. Instantly beautify your storage with woven baskets.

Baskets, recycled crates, and repurposed buckets are an easy and cheap way to add some character to your storage.

3. Prioritize what goes near the door.

If you've got a closet, maybe you don't need hooks and can add surfaces to keep track of mail, keys, notes, whatever!


4. Hang multiple mirrors for a dramatic effect.

An abstract way to check your style before you head out the door.

6. Have a bench to take off shoes or rest after your long journey home.

7. It's all about hooks, baby.

With hooks, anything can happen.


8. Find a runner rug to guide guests into your home.

10. Make an impression with a boldly-colored accent piece.

12. Tell a story with creative photo vignettes.

13. Or display what you're passionate about.

Instantly personalize your entryway with stuff you already own and love!

15. Make sure it's well-lit!

And don't be afraid to get creative with your lighting.


16. Your entryway is your landing strip: Customize it for efficient lift-offs and smooth landings.

If you've got a pet, keep everything you need for walking nearby. If you're in a cool climate, make plenty of room for coats!


20. These adorable wall pockets will help keep everything in its place.

Get 'em here.

22. Keep a clock around so you're never late.

23. Incorporate a chalkboard for fun messages and reminders.

Paint a whole wall or a buy a small one to hang.


24. If you haven't got much space for storage, focus on character.

Turn whatever space you've got into a welcoming entryway with a few choice pieces that reflect who you are.

25. Pick a color to help set your entryway apart.

Especially if you don't structurally have one, designate your entryway with a particular paint color or pattern.

26. Or use a fixture like a leafy plant or room divider to set it apart.

Bonus points for something like this to pull double duty!


28. Hang a floor plan so guests will never get lost.

"You are here."

29. For a fresh smell first thing through the door, try displaying your favorite flowers.

But plug-in air fresheners and potpourri work just as well!

30. Have a tray handy for wet shoes.

31. Adapt to the seasons.

Get festive for holidays, make room for winter coats, and keep sunscreen by the door in the summer!

33. If you're easily bored, keep other decor options handy.

Keep alternate pictures or decorations on hand to mix it up!