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    23 Gifts To Give Yourself When Studying Is Too Hard

    Make midterms more manageable with a giant baked potato bean bag.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    1. For when you're at the library, but damn you could use a drink:

    And they said studying couldn't be fun! Find more hollow book flask safes at Secret Safe Books.

    2. For when you're dreaming of home cooking instead of smuggling dining hall snacks:

    Get this baked potato bean bag — complete with a satin, butter-shaped pillow — at Bfibercraft.

    3. For when you want to study in the comfort of your own bed:

    Instant seclusion. Find the pop-up bed tent at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

    4. For when you keep effing up your rough draft:

    Toss that garbage with style. Get the Gomiba remote control trash can at Japan Trend Shop.

    5. For when anyone complains about anything around you:

    "Are you talking about the lasting impact of the Monroe Doctrine? No? Then shut up." Get the perfect mug at Wildly Inappropriate.

    6. For when you keep switching between coffee shops and the library:

    Relocate without getting tangled up in your power cord. Get the Cable Manager at Above The Fray.

    7. Or for when you and your study buddies keep mixing up chargers:

    Yay stickers! Get the geometric one here and the Moroccan tile one here.

    8. For when you know you're gonna be at the library for a looong while:

    Might as well get comfortable! Find these giant robot slippers on Amazon.

    9. For when you accidentally forget a highlighter and ruin your color-coded system:

    NEVER AGAIN. Get the fish guts pencil case at Firebox.

    10. For when you're getting sick of looking at your fingers on a keyboard all day:

    These scratch-n-sniff fruity nail decals will fix that. Get 'em at Perpetual Kid.

    11. For when you're not sleeping, you swear, it's just a cat nap:

    Wake me in like... eight hours. Get the Cat Nap cushions at Firebox.

    12. For when it feels like you're descending into a black hole of reading you never did:

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Get this galaxy silicone keyboard cover from Top Case USA.

    13. For when you're completely stressed and completely hangry:

    Take it out on this gourmet doughnut-scented stress ball. Get it at Perpetual Kid.

    14. When you're pulling an all-nighter:

    Study by the light of the moon. Get it from Firebox.

    15. For when you're too busy studying to even think about running errands:

    A subscription box like Pijon has got you covered. Subscribe here.

    16. For when you have flashcards to review, and zero desire to review them:

    #slothlife. Get the only onesie you need at Kigu.

    17. For when you don't think you're gonna make it:

    YOU WILL 💯👍. Get the Emergency Self-Esteem Kit at Perpetual Kid.

    18. For when even your Evernote app is complete chaos:

    Sometimes you can't beat old-school paper. Get these phone stick notes from Photojojo.

    19. For when all your assignments and papers are due at the SAME DAMN TIME:

    What would Hermione do? Get your own timeturner at Lancycraft.

    20. When you finally leave the library and all you want is a nice cup of tea waiting for you.

    Done. Get it from Firebox.

    21. For when your roomie already took their exams and decided to celebrate in your room:

    A pair of noise-canceling headphones should do the trick. Get this Böhm pair from Amazon.

    22. For when it feels like all this studying is starting to take a toll on your health:

    Oh well, KEEP GOING. Get the Vitapens highlighters at Smoko.

    23. And for when it's all finally over:

    You did it! 🏆🎉👑 Get these wearable greeting card crowns at The Grommet.

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