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23 Gadgets That Will Actually Help You Get Your Sh*t Together

Just get a tattoo of your to-do list. No, seriously.

1. Keep your reminders right on your wrist with these unique Post-Its.

2. Or use this fluorescent note tape that you just can't miss.

3. Get a (temporary) tattoo of your to-do list.

4. If you're constantly pouring yourself a cuppa and promptly forgetting it, this is for you.

5. Wake up to a glowing memo.

6. Use this cutlery when you "forget" to go to the gym.

7. This one card is 18 handy tools (you would probably lose) in one!

8. Keep this guy around for when you inevitably forget to charge your stuff.

9. Clean your toothbrush without remembering to clean your toothbrush.

10. Never forget a precious ~shower thought~ again.

11. When you forget to chill and ~aerate~ your wine, this gadget will do it instantly.

12. Actually hang on to your sunglasses.

13. For when you not only forget laundry day, but forget to buy detergent, too.

14. When you're convinced Fluffy has run away, check his tracker collar.

The Loc8tor will tell you just where the little scamp is hiding.

15. Stop losing track of all those little things with this grip pad.

16. Avoid the dreaded coffee foam mustache with this stylish mug.

17. Go the extra mile and just turn your phone into a mirror.

18. Stop accidentally starving your plants and get this planter that waters itself.

19. Always know where you put your keys with this magnetic light switch plate.

20. Picnic time! This bag makes the blanket one less thing to remember.

It expands into a cushy blanket all its own! Get it here.

21. Stop losing and tangling your earbuds and get these light-up ones instead.

22. Never forget another birthday or anniversary again.

23. This backpack remembers to pack a hood for you.

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