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    Dec 18, 2015

    17 Gadgets Every Messy Eater Needs

    I prefer the term ~passionate~ eater.

    1. This washable keyboard is a godsend.

    Logitech / Via

    No more sticky keys. Find it here.

    2. This mini crumb catching vacuum.

    As adorable as it is functional. Find it here.

    3. This condiment gun will ensure expert precision.

    Ain't nobody got time for those glass ketchup bottles. Get it here.

    4. These awesome placemats will encourage a little neatness.

    Just stick to the blueprint. Find a set here.

    5. And this lunch bag that's also a placemat will keep your mess contained.

    Keep your mess in check. Get one here.

    6. The Corn Kerneler means you can now eat corn on the cob without embarrassing yourself.

    Easy peezy. Get it here.

    7. This glass frog will attract all those fruit flies from your messy habits.

    Lure the pests into this cute froggy. Get it here.

    8. Make every can spill-proof with these attachable bottle tops.

    You'd take a screw top over a pop can any day. Get a set of six here.

    9. Or try these handy rubber lids for all your other beverage needs.

    Find all the SipSnaps you need here.

    10. This machine shoots popcorn directly into your mouth. Score.

    Check out The Popinator here.

    11. And these dishes ensure that all your yummy batters and sauces get where they need to go.

    They're absolutely ~pourfect~. Get a set here.

    12. This dipping device will save you from the Oreo crumbs and milk puddles you've come to expect.

    Dip with dignity. Get it here.

    13. The ~Staybowlizer~ is here to keep your bowls in their proper place.

    No more toppling and tumbling! Get one here.

    14. And these bowls make sure your snacks don't make a break for it.

    No matter how many handfuls you grab. Get a color set here.

    15. Never drip all over that dreaded gap between the dip and your chips again.

    Pro tip: the key is to keep everything close your mouth. Get one of these bad boys here.

    16. Invest in a chic dining scarf that will disguise any faux pas.

    Find one that fits your style here.

    17. Put all your scraps to good use with this odor-free composting bin.

    Hey, your messy leftovers should at least serve a purpose. Find it here.