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    19 Edible Shots You Have To Make This Holiday Season

    May your days be merry and lit.

    1. Peppermint Candy Shot Glasses

    Cheri Alberts / Via

    2. Butter Toffee Candy Bar Shots in Edible Chocolate Shot Glasses

    Heather Baird / Via

    Yes. Yes to all of that. Get the recipe here.

    3. Christmas Tree Grasshopper Jell-O Shots

    Good Cocktails / Via

    🎶Oh jell-o shot, oh jell-o shot 🎶 Here's the recipe.

    4. Toasted Marshmallow Shots with Bailey's

    Cheri Alberts / Via

    Like drinkable s'mores, but better. Here's the recipe.

    5. Eggnog Pudding Shots

    Jaymee Sire / Via

    The only way you should be imbibing eggnog. Get the recipe here.

    6. Apple Pie Sliced Jelly Shots

    Cheri Alberts / Via

    Adorable and delicious. Learn how to make pumpkin ones too! Recipes here.

    7. Snowman Jelly Shot Pops

    Sandra Denneler / Via

    ⛄️. Here's the recipe.

    8. Manischewitz Jell-O Shots

    Amy / What Jew Wanna Eat / Via

    L'Chaim! Get the recipe here.

    9. Holiday Cosmo Jell-O Shot

    Joy and Tiffany / One, Two Simple Cooking / Via

    Almost too pretty to chug. Get the recipe here.

    10. Apple Cider and Buttered Rum Jell-O Shots

    That's So Michelle / Via

    Sounds like something Harry Potter would eat. Get the recipe here.

    11. Candied Cranberry Jelly Shots

    Ethan Calabrese / Via

    Feel free to sub this for the sauce. Get the recipe here.

    12. Candy Cane Jell-O Shots

    That's So Michelle / Via

    Put your candy canes to better use. Find the recipe here.

    13. Gingerbread Martini Jelly Shots

    That's So Michelle

    That's So michelle

    Freaking. Adorable. Get the recipe here.

    14. Mistletoe Jelly Shots

    Mariah Leeson / Via

    No one will try to kiss you while your mouth is occupied with these. Recipe here.

    15. Santa's Hat Jelly Shots

    Michelle Palm, Amy Webster / Via

    Cranberry and coconut, unite! Find the recipe here.

    16. Stained Glass Holiday Jelly Shots

    Cheeky Kitchen / Via

    Timeless. Recipe here.

    17. Fireball Jell-O Shot Cupcakes

    Erica's Sweet Tooth / Via

    No holiday season is complete without Fireball. Here's the recipe.

    18. Coconut Blueberry Stars of David

    Victoria Belanger / Via

    Yup, we could nom on these for eight straight nights. Recipe here.

    19. Fruitcake Jelly Shot

    Michelle Palm, Amy Webster / Via

    The best (and probably only) fruitcake you've ever had. Recipe here.

    Now all you need is this shot glass Santa hat:

    A holiday essential. Find it here.