25 Insanely Fun Kitchen Tools You Need Immediately

    What wouldn't you stick edible googly eyes on?

    1. Bring the farm to your tiny apartment kitchen.

    Obvi the most natural way to dispense milk. Check it out here.

    2. Get these edible stick-on eyes.

    3. Invest in an adorable coaster cactus.

    4. Make sad desk breakfast the best meal of the day.

    Better yet, just replace your keyboard altogether with this bad boy.

    5. Draw a masterpiece with your seasonings.

    6. Observe the phases of the moon as you enjoy a drink.

    7. Season your meal with these little guys.

    8. Turn everything you eat into Dippin' Dots.

    9. Simplify your morning routine by combining coffee and cereal.

    10. Think twice about snacking with this terrifying bowl.

    11. Drink your rum like a damn pirate.

    12. Finally figure out the appropriate serving size of pasta.

    13. These cuddly cat wine charms are right at home on the stem.

    14. Feast upon the sweet, cake-like flesh of a dragon.

    15. Get a milk carton–shaped animal to greet you when you open your fridge.

    16. Get the beach house you've always wanted with this herb planter.

    17. Pretend you never gave up on science freshman year with this mixology kit.

    Consider the bar your new chem lab. Get the Molecular Mixology Cocktail Kit here.

    18. Take your packed lunch to 11.

    This bento-box amp is ready to rock. Get it here.

    19. Get a new pet hedgehog who helps grate the cheese.

    20. Make your hard-boiled eggs adorable.

    These precious molds will make every meal eggcellent. Find them here.

    21. Top your treats with actual magic.

    This unicorn sprinkles shaker makes it possible. Follow the rainbow here.

    22. Turn every slice of bread into an adorable woodland creature.

    I firmly believe these should be called Bready Bears.

    23. Feast upon fossils with these awesome dino cookie cutters.

    24. Cubed rice is the best rice.

    Learn the technique to these scrumptious squares here.

    25. Feast upon the most renowned ass in contemporary pop culture.