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    19 Tequila Drinks That Are Ready For Cinco De Mayo

    Deliciously boozy ways to celebrate the day.

    Zoe Burnett / Buzzfeed

    1. Creamsicle Margarita

    Amy / The Blond Cook / Via

    More like ~dreamsicle~. Recipe here.

    2. Watermelon Tequila Slush

    Kristen Olson / Bourbon And Honey / Via

    A much more logical β€” and delicious β€” use for your watermelons. Recipe here.

    3. Spiked Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate

    Sherri / The Well-Floured Kitchen / Via

    OMG, it's hot chocolate that won't burn your tongue! Recipe here.

    4. Agave Margarita

    Jamie Chung / Bon Appetit / Via

    Tequila + lime + sugar. Boom. Recipe here.

    5. Frosty Mexican Bulldog

    Jerry James Stone / Via

    Two drinks for the hangover price of...two. Recipe here.

    6. Sangria Haroset

    Meg Vogel / NPR / Via

    Recipe here.

    7. Tequila Sunrise Mimosa

    Amy / The Blond Cook / Via

    Cinco de Mayo brunch? Done. Recipe here.

    8. Blackberry Habanero Margarita

    Mike & Patty Hultquist / Chili Pepper Madness / Via

    Don't be fooled by its beauty β€” this marg is not for the faint of heart. Recipe here.

    9. Tequila Blueberry Mint Fresco

    Lauren / Climbing Grier Mountain / Via

    Possibly the most beautiful cocktail you will ever make. Recipe here.

    10. Avocado Margaritas

    Ali Ebright / Gimme Some Oven / Via

    Basically it's boozy, drinkable guac. Yes, please. Recipe here.

    11. The Scorched Earth

    Lexi / Lexi Bites / Via

    Don't worry, mezcal is tequila. Recipe here.

    12. El Guapo

    Brandon Matzek / Kitchen Konfidence / Via

    Guys, the spiced vanilla syrup in this is πŸ”₯. Recipe here.

    13. Pumpkin Beertail

    Liz / Floating Kitchen / Via

    For those of you who wish it were Cinco de Octubre. Recipe here.

    14. Tequila Mojito

    Jennifer Schmidt / Delicious Everyday / Via

    So much yum. Recipe here.

    15. Strawberry Basil Honey Punch

    Krissy / Self-Proclaimed Foodie / Via

    Booze to hydrate a crowd. Recipe here.

    16. Spicy Paloma

    Ashley Rose / Sugar & Cloth / Via

    A classic with a kick. Recipe here.

    17. Frozen Strawberry Coconut Margarita

    Jessica Merchant / How Sweet It Is / Via

    Because there are few things in life better than a frozen marg. Recipe here.

    18. Tex-Mex Mule

    Meagan Wied / A Zesty Bite / Via

    You don't have to choose between celebrations, people! Recipe here.

    19. Mango Shrub Michelada

    Danguole Lekaviciute / 10th Kitchen / Via

    It's all about presentation. Recipe here.