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Quick Question: Do You Eat Around The Mold?

Like you're gonna throw out a perfectly good loaf of bread.

So, mold is tricky. Sometimes it's a delicious, flavorful fungus that's totally meant to be eaten.

Destillat / Getty Images
olgakr / Getty Images

Cheese, truffles: Just expensive mold.

And other times it's a bunch of nasty spores that have robbed you of a delicious treat.

Ccat82 / Getty Images
ratmaner / Getty Images

You two-faced bastard.

Basically, mold is sending us mixed messages.

Raw_Food / Via

Piper is mold.

So when you've managed to catch this deceptive growth in its early stages, you're faced with a critical question:

Sony Pictures / Via

Can I still eat this?

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

What if I just cut it off? Or throw away the infected pieces?

NBC / Via

Is this gonna kill me?

  1. So we have to know: Do you eat around the mold?

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So we have to know: Do you eat around the mold?
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    Of course, it's just a little mold.
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    Nope, that food is beyond all hope.
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    It depends. I'll explain in the comments...
aerobear99 / Via

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