19 Cheat Sheets To Help You Work Out Like A Pro

    No more excuses.

    1. How to get a killer upper body workout without any equipment:

    2. How to bust out the jump rope for a hoppin' workout.

    3. How to greet the day like a yogi:

    4. How to get a high-intensity workout with any cardio you like:

    5. How to actually work out while pushing a stroller:

    6. How to make your abs cry in just 15 minutes:

    7. How to squeeze in the quickest arm workout ever:

    8. How to work out every single muscle in your legs:

    9. Or how to work your whole body with just one kettlebell:

    10. How to actually break a sweat on the elliptical:

    11. How to totally tire your muscles out with barre exercises:

    12. How to work out like a badass ninja warrior:

    13. How to squash two fitness goals in one challenge:

    14. How to get a heart-pumping HIIT workout:

    15. How to beat workout boredom with a fun plyometric workout:

    16. How to kick your own butt with only bodyweight exercises:

    17. How to do an effective pilates workout at home:

    18. How to lift like you know what you're doing:

    19. How to make the most of rest day: