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24 Cakes That Want To Be Your Everything

Cake is willing to dress up as other foods, if you're into that.

1. It's OK guys: Cake knows that you're not always in the mood for cake.

Debbie Goard / Via

2. It would be crazy if all you ever ate was cake, 24/7. Cake gets that.

Debbie Goard / Via

3. Cake knows you need other foods in your life.

Conner Flynn / Via

4. Cake has heard about sandwiches — they sound awesome!

jthomason / Via

5. Cake knows there's a whole world of food out there for you.

Wicked Little Cake Company CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: schmish

6. Cake understands! Cake knows you need more. And Cake is ready to DO more.

7. Cake wants to try new things with you.

Becky Striepe / Via

Cake read about sushi online one time. Sounds wild.

8. Cake wants to satisfy your every craving.

tomswife / Via

9. Need some vegetables? Cake can be that for you.

LDcakes / Via

10. Need something fast and filling? Cake has got you covered!

here is a birthday cake in the form of a chipotle burrito. i will never eat chipotle again

11. Miss a particular regional delicacy? Leave it to Cake.

12. Cake wants to carbo load with you.

Charm City Cakes / Via

And Cake will be waiting for you after the workout!

13. Let Cake make you breakfast.

amandasweetcakes / Via

14. Let Cake take you out for a nice seafood dinner.

Charm City Cakes / Via

15. Cake knows you've always had a thing for tacos.

Debbie Goard / Via

16. And Cake wants in on all the fall fun!

With Love & Confection Bakery / Via

Would you believe Cake has never carved a pumpkin?

17. Cake wants to watch the game with you.

Sweet Grace Cake Designs / Via

18. In all honesty, Cake just wants to treat you right.

SweetTater / Via

Let Cake wine and dine you.

19. Cake would love to take you to the movies.

Sweets27 / Via

Have you seen Cake yet? Where has THAT Jennifer Aniston been hiding?!

20. And Cake LOVES tailgating.

laurascakesny / Via

21. So let Cake be your everything.

Debbie Goard / Via

22. Whatever you need, Cake can be that.

Sweet Grace Cake Designs / Via

23. From a super fancy and impressive home-cooked feast...

jstritt / Via

24. To your favorite bucket of take out.

LauraLoukaides / Via

Cake just wants you to be happy. ❤️

Cloverway International / Via

xo, 🍰