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25 Easy DIY Ways To Help Save The Bees

They're disappearing, y'all!

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15. If you're in a city, see if you can host a beehive.

New York City Beekeeping Association / Via

In some cities, urban beekeeping companies can set you up with a buzzbox of your very own. They take care of the pollination services, and usually reward you with honey!

16. Or go big and run a hive all on your own.

Flow / Via

OK, it's easier said than done, but if you're interested, Flow hives are rigged to dispense the honey your bees produce on tap, so you get your honey without the mess or disturbing your bees.

17. Learn how to substitute honey for all your sugary baking needs.

Whole New Mom / Via

Honey is sweeter than sugar, so you can use less. Master the art of incorporating this liquid gold into your baking ventures here.


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The title of this post has been updated to better reflect the information provided.

This post originally cited an article on Grist stating that purchasing bee pollination byproducts will help keep beekeepers in business and thus help bee colonies as well. The statement has since been removed due to conflicting research over the claims.