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    23 Brownies That Are Almost Too Powerful

    "This is too much chocolate." —said no one, ever.

    Zoë Burnett / Buzzfeed

    1. Salted Chocolate and Caramel Brownie Bars

    Erren Hart / Erren's Kitchen / Via

    Sweet and salty, just the way you like it. Recipe here.

    2. Nutella Cheesecake Brownie Bites

    Brenda / A Farm Girl's Dabbles / Via

    Fluffy, hazelnutty goodness. Recipe here.

    3. I Just Got Dumped Brownie Bars

    Chelsea Haga / Gal On A Mission / Via

    Or as I like to call them, "I Just Got Hungry" brownie bars. Recipe here.

    4. S'mores Chocolate Fudge Brownies

    Erika / Love & Custard / Via

    All the joy of camping without the mosquitoes. Recipe here.

    5. Mexican Chocolate Brownies with Cinnamon Buttercream Frosting

    Anna / Garnish With Lemon / Via

    Fudgy, rich chocolate with a kick. Recipe here.

    6. Homemade Cosmic Brownies

    Ashley Manila / Baker By Nature / Via

    '90s kids, prepare for your arteries to turn to fudge. Recipe here.

    7. Espresso Oat Brownies

    Neha Mathur / Whisk Affair / Via

    Oats, coffee... I can have these for breakfast, right? Recipe here.

    8. Fudgy Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies

    Cindy Rahe / Hungry Girl Por Vida / Via

    Chewy, chocolate brownies meet creamy, tangy cheesecake. Recipe here.

    9. Black Bean Turtle Brownies

    Dana Shultz / Minimalist Baker / Via

    Free from the chains of refined sugar, gluten, and animal products. Recipe here.

    10. Thin Mint Marshmallow Brownies

    Karen / The Food Charlatan / Via

    Mint + chocolate = heaven. Recipe here.

    11. Derby Day Brownies

    Blair Lonergan / The Seasoned Mom / Via

    It ain't Derby Day without your pal Mr. Beam. Recipe here.

    12. Chunky Dark Chocolate Coconut Pistachio Brownies

    Tori Cooper / Gringalicious / Via

    The perfect balance of chewy chocolate and crunchy nuts. Recipe here.

    13. Mile High Guinness Brownies and Buttercream Frosting

    Joanna Cismaru / Jo Cooks / Via

    Soooo dense, with just a hint of booze. Recipe here.

    14. Peanut Butter Dulce de Leche Brownies

    MB / Bourbon and Brown Sugar / Via

    Peanut butter AND dulce de leche? Swoon. Recipe here.

    15. Oatmeal Scotchie Brookies

    Dorothy Kern / Crazy For Crust / Via

    Basically a brownie and an oatmeal cookie and everything good in the world. Recipe here.

    16. Snickers Brownie Bars

    Karen / The Food Charlatan / Via

    I'd say you can't taste the difference, but these are waaaay better. Recipe here.

    17. Ultimate Brownies

    Tessa Arias / Handle The Heat / Via

    Everyone needs a perfect, simple, chocolate-packed brownie recipe. Recipe here.

    18. Bacon Bourbon Pecan Brownies

    Shan / Pretty Plain Janes / Via

    BACON. Recipe here.

    19. Chocolate Mousse Brownies

    Tiffany Aure / Creme de la Crumb / Via

    Dense, chewy brownies with a smooooth mousse topping. Recipe here.

    20. Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie 'n' Oreo Fudge Brownies

    Kevin & Amanda / Kevin and Amanda / Via

    This much decadence should be illegal. Recipe here.

    21. Samoa Brownies

    Sarah Fennel / Broma Bakery / Via

    Ooey gooey and oh so chewy. Recipe here.

    22. Red Velvet Oreo Brownies

    Sally McKenney / Sally's Baking Addiction / Via

    I know red velvet is just food coloring, but how is it somehow extra delicious? Recipe here.

    23. The Munchies Brownies

    Sarah Fennel / Broma Bakery / Via

    The answer to every craving you've ever had. Recipe here.