Here Are 19 Of The Best Tacos In America

    Taco 'bout delicious.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community where they had the best taco they've ever tasted. Here's your official taco bucket list.

    1. Taceaux Loceaux Food Truck, New Orleans

    "Yummy tacos with NOLA flair! Their 'Fun Guy' fried mushroom taco and Kermit's BBQ pork are insane."

    –Eleanor Knight, Facebook

    2. Bel Air Cantina, Milkwaukee

    "The fried avocado and bacon taco is life-changing. It’s crunchy and creamy and spicy and I could eat a million of them. All of their tacos are amazing, but that one is by far the best. So yum."


    3. Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos, Brooklyn, New York

    "Unassuming, tiny space that serves as the front part of a tortilla factory. Cheap, simple, and insanely good! It even made Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations a few years ago. If it's good enough for Bourdain, it's good enough for me."

    –Lindsey Rich, Facebook

    4. ¡Duino! (Duende), Burlington, Vermont

    "Order the Korean barbecue taco – life-changing. I literally stay awake at night sometimes wondering if I should drive the hour to get one."

    –Jeanelle Achee, Facebook

    5. Automatic Taco Truck, Greensville, South Carolina

    "Every taco is amazing, but I always get the Nashville Hot Chicken."

    –Christopher Bullard, Facebook

    6. Marination, Seattle

    "I had their veggie street tacos. So, so good. Marinated tofu, little bit of cotija cheese and lime. They have a food truck as well as a sit-down restaurant in Capitol Hill."


    7. Pico Taqueria, Chincoteague Island, Virginia

    "Best tacos ever! My favorites are the Deep Hole, made with crispy cauliflower, pico de gallo with capers, Parmesan cheese, garlic aioli, and crispy shallots; and the Eastside with fried catch of the day, fennel and grapefruit salad, and avocado cream."

    –Betsy Mööt, Facebook

    8. Torchy's Tacos, Various locations in Texas & Denver

    "Get the Trailer Park taco, and get it 'trashy,' with queso on top. Yum!"


    9. Papas N Tacos, Pacoima, California

    10. Luis's Taqueria, Woodburn, Oregon

    "You can't beat their carnitas tacos. Even President Obama agrees."

    –Lucas Ruiz, Facebook

    11. Tacqueria Pico De Gallo, Tucson, Arizona

    "So Tucson is a veritable minefield of authentic Mexican food. But I have to say, the absolute greatest tacos in town are from a nondescript restaurant called Pico De Gallo. They make handmade tortillas that are to die for and have a huge variety of fillings. They are the tacos of your dreams, I promise!"


    12. Bartaco, various locations along the East Coast

    "The sesame rib eye and pork belly tacos are religious experiences. Plus, they have awesome drinks and sides (grilled corn with lime, cayenne, and cojita cheese!) and about a million tacos to choose from."

    –Kathleen Shea, Facebook

    13. Paco's Tacos & Tequila, Charlotte, North Carolina

    "The turkey club carnitas taco is INCREDIBLE. They slow-cook turkey in a myriad of delicious spices and then they pull it like barbecue pork. They top it off with jalapeño bacon, avocado, and some lettuce and tomato, along with a creamy sauce. The best taco I have ever encountered in my 26 years on Earth."

    Desiree L.

    14. Fuego Tortilla Grill, San Marcos, Texas

    15. Island Taco, Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii

    "The seared ahi tuna fish taco with a wasabi mayo! I had it four years ago and I still talk about it. We are going back to Hawaii in April because I need one."


    16. Black Sheep Burritos and Brewery, Huntington & Charleston, WV

    "I get the black bean and mushroom taco (marinated mushrooms, black beans, queso fresco, tortilla strips, cilantro), but my mom loves the baja fish taco — and the avocado taco is also really good. Everything is really good. Black Sheep is love. Black Sheep is life."


    17. White Duck Taco Shop, Asheville, North Carolina

    "Their Bangkok Shrimp taco was AMAZING. Definitely my favorite out of all of their choices :)"


    "Best taco of my life: their duck mole topped with cranberries and crema."


    18. Pinche Taqueria, Denver

    "The best street tacos you could possibly find this far from a beach. Def order the Pescado: chipotle- and beer-battered fish, slaw, avocado and pineapple guacamole, topped with pickled red onions and lime. I'm drooling already."


    19. Tacos El Gordo, San Diego & Las Vegas

    "Tacos El Gordo have absolutely delicious and affordable tacos! They cut the meat right off the bone in front of you, and add a super-tasty semi-spicy guac sauce that is to die for."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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