Here Are 19 Of The Best Tacos In America

Taco ‘bout delicious.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community where they had the best taco they’ve ever tasted. Here’s your official taco bucket list.

1. Taceaux Loceaux Food Truck, New Orleans

@eatingnola / Via

mrs.solis1">@mrs.solis1 / Via


“Yummy tacos with NOLA flair! Their ‘Fun Guy’ fried mushroom taco and Kermit’s BBQ pork are insane.”

–Eleanor Knight, Facebook

2. Bel Air Cantina, Milkwaukee

Cathy Z. / Via

Leah B. / Via


“The fried avocado and bacon taco is life-changing. It’s crunchy and creamy and spicy and I could eat a million of them. All of their tacos are amazing, but that one is by far the best. So yum.”


3. Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos, Brooklyn, New York

Luke J. / Via

Patrick E. / Via


“Unassuming, tiny space that serves as the front part of a tortilla factory. Cheap, simple, and insanely good! It even made Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations a few years ago. If it’s good enough for Bourdain, it’s good enough for me.”

–Lindsey Rich, Facebook

4. ¡Duino! (Duende), Burlington, Vermont

!Duino! (Duende) / Via Facebook: duino.duende

!Duino! (Duende) / Via Facebook: duino.duende


“Order the Korean barbecue taco – life-changing. I literally stay awake at night sometimes wondering if I should drive the hour to get one.”

–Jeanelle Achee, Facebook

5. Automatic Taco Truck, Greensville, South Carolina

@theupstatefoodie / Via

@automatic_taco / Via


“Every taco is amazing, but I always get the Nashville Hot Chicken.”

–Christopher Bullard, Facebook

6. Marination, Seattle

Marination / @curb_cuisine / Via

Marination / @curb_cuisine / Via


“I had their veggie street tacos. So, so good. Marinated tofu, little bit of cotija cheese and lime. They have a food truck as well as a sit-down restaurant in Capitol Hill.”


7. Pico Taqueria, Chincoteague Island, Virginia

Pico Taqueria / Via

Pico Taqueria / Via


“Best tacos ever! My favorites are the Deep Hole, made with crispy cauliflower, pico de gallo with capers, Parmesan cheese, garlic aioli, and crispy shallots; and the Eastside with fried catch of the day, fennel and grapefruit salad, and avocado cream.”

–Betsy Mööt, Facebook

8. Torchy’s Tacos, Various locations in Texas & Denver

@torchystacos / Via

@torchystacos / Via


“Get the Trailer Park taco, and get it ‘trashy,’ with queso on top. Yum!”


9. Papas N Tacos, Pacoima, California

Eric F. / Via

“They have iconic potato tacos. They make the most of their tacos by spreading the meat (or potato) on a tortilla then DEEP-FRYING IT. It becomes a soft, crunchy hard shell and then they toss on lettuce and cheese. SO GOOD.”


10. Luis’s Taqueria, Woodburn, Oregon

Momo B. / Via

Cheryl B. / Via


“You can’t beat their carnitas tacos. Even President Obama agrees.”

–Lucas Ruiz, Facebook

11. Tacqueria Pico De Gallo, Tucson, Arizona

Michelle P. / Via

America V. / Via


“So Tucson is a veritable minefield of authentic Mexican food. But I have to say, the absolute greatest tacos in town are from a nondescript restaurant called Pico De Gallo. They make handmade tortillas that are to die for and have a huge variety of fillings. They are the tacos of your dreams, I promise!”


12. Bartaco, various locations along the East Coast

@bartacolife / Via

Amy Peck / Via


“The sesame rib eye and pork belly tacos are religious experiences. Plus, they have awesome drinks and sides (grilled corn with lime, cayenne, and cojita cheese!) and about a million tacos to choose from.”

–Kathleen Shea, Facebook

13. Paco’s Tacos & Tequila, Charlotte, North Carolina

Paco's Tacos & Tequila / Via

Paco's Tacos & Tequila / Via


“The turkey club carnitas taco is INCREDIBLE. They slow-cook turkey in a myriad of delicious spices and then they pull it like barbecue pork. They top it off with jalapeño bacon, avocado, and some lettuce and tomato, along with a creamy sauce. The best taco I have ever encountered in my 26 years on Earth.”

Desiree L.

14. Fuego Tortilla Grill, San Marcos, Texas

Tina S. / Via

“It’s open 24/7 (nothing is better than a taco at 3 a.m. during finals week), and my favorite is the Dr. Pepper Cowboy. It’s a soft flour taco with shredded beef, Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, corn, grilled onions, cheese and queso. I go twice a week, minimum.”


15. Island Taco, Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii

Sam Choi / @instasamchoi / Via

@islandtaco / Via


“The seared ahi tuna fish taco with a wasabi mayo! I had it four years ago and I still talk about it. We are going back to Hawaii in April because I need one.”


16. Black Sheep Burritos and Brewery, Huntington & Charleston, WV

@lisoltis / Via

@blacksheepwv / Via


“I get the black bean and mushroom taco (marinated mushrooms, black beans, queso fresco, tortilla strips, cilantro), but my mom loves the baja fish taco — and the avocado taco is also really good. Everything is really good. Black Sheep is love. Black Sheep is life.”


17. White Duck Taco Shop, Asheville, North Carolina

@whiteduckjohnsoncity / Via

@kaytee_defalco / Via


“Their Bangkok Shrimp taco was AMAZING. Definitely my favorite out of all of their choices :)”

“Best taco of my life: their duck mole topped with cranberries and crema.”

18. Pinche Taqueria, Denver

@pinchetaqueria / Via

@pinchetaqueria / Via


“The best street tacos you could possibly find this far from a beach. Def order the Pescado: chipotle- and beer-battered fish, slaw, avocado and pineapple guacamole, topped with pickled red onions and lime. I’m drooling already.”


19. Tacos El Gordo, San Diego & Las Vegas

@lambaholik / Via

@dandyvanvoyager / Via


“Tacos El Gordo have absolutely delicious and affordable tacos! They cut the meat right off the bone in front of you, and add a super-tasty semi-spicy guac sauce that is to die for.”


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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