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    25 Perfect Outfits To Wear For A Fall Wedding

    Every color of the autumn rainbow, all under $100!

    1. This rust-colored number is just daring enough.

    Deep V-cut dress, at Forever21.

    2. Get funky with 70s-inspired patterns.

    Rolla's Eastern dress, at Urban Outfitters.

    3. Rock this fearlessly fuchsia frock.

    Sleeveless jumpsuit, at H&M.

    4. Or match the blushing bride in this satiny pink.

    Floral satin wrap dress, at Dressbarn.

    5. Take some cues from the 90s.

    Crushed-velvet maxi dress, at Forever21.

    6. Go for jewel tones, like this emerald stunner.

    High-neck neoprene dress, at Abercrombie & Fitch.

    7. You can't go wrong with a deep forest green.

    Jumpsuit with twisted knot detail, at ASOS.

    8. Simple and timeless, with just enough plunge.

    Truly beautiful floral dress, at Ruche.

    9. This sage jumpsuit is equal parts comfy and classy.

    Halter culotte jumpsuit, at Forever21.

    10. Modest, feminine, and super versatile.

    Love Sadie long-sleeve dress, at Urban Outfitters.

    11. Let your dress take care of the jewelry.

    Dress with jeweled neckline, at Zara.

    12. This one's perfect for a more casual ceremony.

    Windowpane embroidered dress, at Ruche.

    13. Spice up navy with weaved patterns.

    Jacquard-weave dress, at H&M.

    14. This flowing maxi will be right at home in an autumn breeze.

    Chiffon Dress, at H&M.

    15. Look perfectly poised in plum.

    Glamorous halter-neck jumpsuit, at ASOS.

    16. Or elegantly equable in eggplant.

    Anniversary Allure dress, at Modcloth.

    17. These patterns will pop on almost any skin tone.

    Floral print fit-and-flare dress, at Dressbarn.

    18. This maxi proves grey doesn't have to be boring.

    Rhodes maxi dress, at Ruche.

    19. And this wrap dress proves grey can be sexy as hell.

    Wrap dress in grey, at Missguided.

    20. This silver dress is great for a more formal affair.

    Hope dress in silk duponi, at J. Crew.

    21. Sparkle like a glass of champagne.

    Twinkling stars metallic dress, at Ruche.

    22. Or tie up everything nicely with a bow.

    Slow song trapeze dress, at Ruche.

    23. This jumpsuit says I wanna be formal, but I'm here to party.

    Lace and mesh jumpsuit, at Charlotte Russe.

    24. Wildflowers to rival the bouquet.

    Tube dress, at Zara.

    25. Rock this sexy silhouette with a pop of color.

    Clarinet the Air dress, at Modcloth.