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    21 Beers You Need To Drink Before Summer's Over

    Because you can't day-drink with vodka. Just don't do it.

    1. Flying Dog's Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale

    Kristin Hunt / Via

    Style: Herbed/Spiced Beer

    ABV: 5.6%

    Availability: May-September

    If you love beer and crab cakes, this is the drink for you. The folks at Flying Dog have managed to perfectly season this ale with just the right amount of Old Bay seasoning.

    2. 21st Amendment's Hell Or High Watermelon

    Lys / Via

    Style: Fruit/Wheat Beer

    ABV: 4.9%

    Availability: Through summer.

    This wheat beer brewed with real watermelon is actually way more crisp than you'd expect and not nearly as sweet as it smells. If you think you hate fruit beer, definitely give this a try.

    3. Anchor Brewing's Summer Beer

    Summer Brew Review / Via

    Style: American Pale Wheat Ale

    ABV: 4.5%

    Availability: May-July

    The first sip is surprisingly more sharp than your typical wheat beer, and it definitely smells strongly of bread. But that's all evened out by the zesty lemon flavors that makes this a solid beach-side beer.

    4. Dogfish Head's Festina Pèche

    Dogfish Head Brewery / Via

    Style: Berliner Weissbier

    ABV: 4.5%

    Availability: Through summer.

    This beer is so balanced you'll wish it was around all year. The peach and wheat will probably make your mouth pucker, but it's more tart than tangy and finishes smoothly.

    5. SanTan Brewing's Mr. Pineapple

    SanTan Brewing Company / Via

    Style: American Pale Wheat Ale

    ABV: 5%

    Availability: Through summer.

    Don't worry, this stuff doesn't taste like juice. It's a really refreshing and sharp wheat beer with just a hint of pineapple taste, so it's mild enough for a hot summer day.

    6. Anderson Valley's Summer Solstice Ale

    The Wookie / Via

    Style: Cream Ale

    ABV: 5%

    Availability: April-August

    This deep copper beer kind of tastes like melted caramel, and fits the description of "cream soda for adults". It's definitely not your typical summer beer, but that's what makes it all the more delicious!

    7. Bell's Oberon Ale

    The Perfectly Happy Man / Via

    Style: American Pale Wheat Ale

    ABV: 5.8%

    Availability: March-September

    This summer beer has become a stand-by for a reason: It's smooth, spicy, citrusy, and super refreshing. The light scents of orange and coriander makes this drinkable beer a "must drink".

    8. Founders Brewing's Rübæus Raspberry Ale

    James Sanborn / Via

    Style: Fruit/Wheat Beer

    ABV: 5.7%

    Availability: April-September

    Incorporating raspberries into multiple stages of the brewing process, Founders' Rübæus is truly a "berry red masterpiece". It tastes like the lovechild of barley wine and champagne, but smells like straight raspberries. What's not to love?

    9. Harpoon Brewery's UFO Big Squeeze Shandy

    Brewbound / Via

    Style: Shandy

    ABV: 4.5%

    Availability: April-August

    It's ain't summer without a shandy, and the UFO Big Squeeze really hits the spot. This tart wheat beer with added grapefruit juice is perfect for those who prefer their shandies to taste more like beer than juice.

    10. Kona Brewing's Wailua Wheat Ale

    Robert / Via

    Style: American Pale Wheat Ale

    ABV: 5.4%

    Availability: March-August

    This beer is perfect when you just want something mild and drinkable on a hot summer day. There's definitely a tropical aftertaste (lookin' at you, passionfruit), but it's not overwhelming and finishes clean.

    11. Sixpoint's RAD Cycliquid

    ak_hauser / Via

    Style: Fruit Beer

    ABV: 3.2%

    Availability: Through summer.

    This stuff is deliciously citrusy, but it seems wrong to call it beer. It's so packed with peaches, grapefruit, apricots, and oranges that there's even pulp in it! But if you're looking for something sweet and tangy to cool you off, this blend won't let you down.

    12. Left Hand Brewing's Good Juju


    Style: Herbed/Spiced Beer

    ABV: 4.5%

    Availability: Through summer.

    This one is basically ginger ale for grown-ups. It's very spicy and may sting your nostrils, but if ginger is your thing then this beer will not disappoint. And while it's delicious cold, it only gets more flavorful as it sits.

    13. Ommegang's Glimmerglass

    Keith / Via

    Style: Saison/Farmhouse Ale

    ABV: 5.4%

    Availability: Through spring (so get it fast!).

    Ommegang specializes in saisons, so get ready for bold taste with a tart, dry finish. This one has tons of pear and apple flavor, but the heavy yeast used in the brewing style ensures the sweetness stays nice and mild.

    14. Abita's Strawberry Harvest

    Michelle / Via

    Style: Fruit/Wheat Beer

    ABV: 4.2%

    Availability: Year-round!

    This one is around all year, but it's definitely best enjoyed in the summer. Brewed with real Louisiana strawberries, this is one of Abita's best fruit harvest lagers because it actually tastes like the fruit itself: Sweet and juicy, but not syrupy.

    15. Elysian's SuperFuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale

    Mark Harvey / Via

    Style: American Pale Ale

    ABV: 5.4%

    Availability: April-July

    Equal parts zesty and hoppy, this beer smells way more intense than it tastes. It tastes a bit like toasted oranges and cloves, and it's nice and crisp for hot summer days.

    16. Rogue's American Amber Ale

    Rogue Ales / Via

    Style: American Amber Ale

    ABV: 5.3%

    Availability: June-September

    This dark red ale balances a toffee-ish smell with a taste of roasted fruit and vanilla. This one's perfect for when the sun is going down and there's a cooler breeze, so the warm flavors won't be too overwhelming.

    17. Stillwater Artisanal's Of Love And Regret

    Kornmalt & Humlekottar / Via

    Style: Herbed/Spiced Beer

    ABV: 7.2%

    Availability: April-September

    This beer actually tastes like spring. It's full of chamomile, lavender, and dandelion, and while you'd think you'd hate "grassy hops", this beer pulls it off. Enjoy on a breezy, sunny day, preferably in a meadow.

    18. Perennial's Regalia

    Phil Wymore / Via Twitter: @theandyhille

    Brewery: Perennial Artisanal Ales

    Style: Saison/Farmhouse Ale

    ABV: 8.5%

    Availability: Through summer.

    This stuff is brewed with brettanomyces, a kind of funky yeast that gives saisons their distinct tartness. But the dose in this guy is pretty mild and tempered by lemongrass, so you get a complex beer that's still totally drinkable.

    19. Deschutes' Twilight Summer Ale

    McCun934 / Thrillist / Via

    Style: American Blonde Ale

    ABV: 5%

    Availability: June-September

    Not too hoppy and just a tad spicy, this "subtle, pleasant beer" has an herby smell that makes you think of sunny days in the woods. So you should probably go drink it there.

    20. Sierra Nevada's Summerfest Crisp Lager

    David / Via

    Style: Czech Pilsener

    ABV: 5%

    Availability: Through summer.

    This lager is pretty dry, supah smooth, and great for quenching your thirst when it's too damn hot out. It's a little citrusy but you can definitely taste the hops, and the combination helps this one live up to its crisp reputation.

    21. AleSmith's Summer YuleSmith

    Farik / Via

    Style: Imperial IPA

    ABV: 8.5%

    Availability: Through summer (and again in winter!)

    AleSmith release two versions of YuleSmith: one just in time for Christmas, and another just in time for the 4th of July. The latter has a little more spice and is way more fruity, but don't worry because there's no doubt it's still an IPA. If you love hops, this stuff should definitely be on your summer bucket list.