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    25 Crazy Beautiful Photos That Will Inspire You To Pierce Your Septum

    Septum is the new nostril.

    1. This lady.

    2. This fella.

    3. This mean-mugger.

    4. This colorful dame.

    5. They've all got one thing in common.

    6. They're all rockin' a septum piercing.

    7. These best bros.

    8. This cutie pie.

    9. This proud pup owner.

    10. They all got style.

    11. And they know it.

    12. You can go with bold black...

    13. Classic silver...

    14. Intricately designed...

    15. Or with a ball in the middle.

    16. Go with what makes you happy!

    17. So fierce.

    18. Check that ~piercing~ gaze.

    19. Never shy away from bling.

    20. We mean it, go big.

    21. Or keep it simple. Your call!

    22. No matter what, we know you'll look good.

    23. Be confident in your septum-y awesomeness.

    24. Wear that confidence in the center of your perfect face.

    25. And wear your septum ring with pride.