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16 Adorable Animal-Shaped Bread Recipes For Kids

Cute and cuddly carbs.

1. Hungry Hippo Rolls

OMG, it's my spirit roll. Recipe here.

2. Pig-Shaped Mini-Burger Buns

3. Octopus Bread Bowl

4. Doggy Sausage Bread Bun

5. Birdie Bread

6. Tear-Away Teddy Bear Rolls

7. Cat and Kitty Loaves

8. Sweet Milk Turtle Bread

9. Penguin Bread Bowl

10. Christmas Reindeer Bread Rolls

11. Lemony Lamb Pull-Apart Bread

12. Hedgehog Rolls

13. Betty Butterfly Sandwich Rolls

14. Buttery Vegan "Fish" Bun

They only look like sea dwellers, no actual 🐟 involved. Recipe here.

15. Bunny Bread

16. Thanksgiving Turkey Pumpkin Bread