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25 Bathroom Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

Remember the piano mat from Big? Want one for sitting on the toilet?

1. This Darth Vader shower head, because even Sith lords gotta get clean.

Check it out at Bed Bath and Beyond.

2. Ditch your toilet brush and get the Loogun, which cleans the whole bowl with a blast of water.

What a time to be alive. Pre-order one now from Loogun.

3. Get a medieval knight to dispense your toilet paper for you.

4. Make beautiful music while you pop a squat with the Potty Piano.

5. Stop fighting about leaving the toilet seat up with the Main Drain.

6. Make your 3 AM leak so much easier by with a motion-activated night light.

7. Make your fish feel at home by putting them in your sink.

8. Make every shower a spa-worthy experience with an aromatherapy shower kit.

9. Solve your ugly toilet paper storage problem with this lovely tree holder.

10. Say goodbye to fogged mirrors and streaky wipe jobs with this windshield wiper for your bathroom.

11. Treat yourself to some tub-side bubbly with this attachable champagne bottle chiller.

12. Pump your soap the easy, hygienic way with this single-handed pump.

13. Relax in the tub with your phone without drowning it and ruining everything.

14. Get a super effective, dentist-worthy flosser that's powered by your own shower.

Quality and convenience, people. Check it out at Waterpik.

15. Enjoy the luxury of a freshly warmed towel anytime.

16. Destroy any smelly evidence of your bodily functions with a toilet seat that neutralizes odors.

Now your shit really can smell like roses. Get the Kohler PureFresh toilet seat from Amazon.

17. Blow dry like a badass with this revolver hair dryer.

18. Discover your own dinos in a hunk of layered soap.

Composed of soap, pumice, bentonite clay, and two adorable new friends. Get it at ThinkGeek.

19. Use your private time to work the kinks out of your golf game.

20. Proudly display your appreciation for fine music with an acoustic guitar toilet seat.

21. Sing your heart out with your very own microphone. Sponge, that is.

22. Bathe yourself in zombie blood.

23. Deck out your bathroom walls in photoluminescent tiles.

24. Officially have the most college bathroom to ever exist with this beer keg urinal.

25. Enjoy some quality ~me~ time in your very own sensory deprivation tank.

It'll set you back over $27,000, but isn't your mental health worth it?! Check out the I-Sopod at Floatation Tanks.