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    21 Super Cute Style Tips From The '40s

    Everything old is cool again.

    1. Bust out the hot rollers.

    2. Dress for comfort. And movement!

    3. Steal from the boys.

    4. Rock a bolero jacket.

    5. Don't shy away from color.

    6. Always sport red lips.

    7. Leopard print? Yes please.

    8. And a deep V? Of course.

    9. Jaunty headwear? Check!

    10. Ahemmmm.....

    11. Rock some shoulder pads.

    12. Master the hair tuck.

    13. Go for a nautical look, like Juanita Stark in the 1941 movie Life on the Seas.

    14. Try an unexpected accessory.

    15. Try a sweet lil' braid like actress Joan Leslie.

    16. Leave a little something to the imagination.

    17. You can never have enough sequins, just ask Betty Grable.

    18. Go for round sunglasses.

    19. Keep it sporty.

    20. Rock a beaded choker.

    21. And remember, a little midriff never hurt anyone.