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21 Of The Worst Nail Art Fails Ever

For the safety of yourself and others.

1. Maybe you were scrolling through Pinterest...

2. Or happened upon a tutorial on Youtube...

3. Somehow or other, you've been inspired.

4. You're gonna get fancy with your nails.

6. You're gonna do some ~nail art~!

7. Well we've got one word of advice for you:

12. If it seems like it will be even a little bit difficult...

13. That means it's going to be RIDICULOUSLY HARD.

14. "Oh yeah, I can paint a watermelon."

15. "Recreate arguably the most famous work of one of art's greatest masters? NO PROBLEM."

16. "It TOTALLY won't look like I just murdered someone!"

17. Don't try to fool yourself.

What was this even supposed to be?

19. Just like the rest of us.

21. Before you hurt someone.
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