7 DIY Ways To Use A Rake Without Raking…

Do not ward off the rake just yet! Here are a few ways to use that rake to decorate your house and help keep you organized.

1. Rake in wine glasses

Flip a rake in the kitchen to store your wine glasses, quite the rustic chic display.

2. Rake your necklaces

Way. Too. Cute. Flip and decorate the head of a rake as a totally adorable way to hang jewelry. Keeping them untangled is the hardest part — am I right?

3. Rake the gardening tools

Green thumbs need help organizing too!

4. Rake the aprons

What better way to add a little country flavor to your home. Use the teeth of the rake to hang kitchen aprons.

5. Rake the kitchen tools

A more modern approach to bringing a rake into the home…

6. Rake your keys

The new improved backwards rake is the knew home to your keys. You wil never miss place them again — I hope!

7. Rake your belts

Again use my current rake obsession to use your accessories as a display or piece fo art if you will.

8. Then of course, you must rake the leaves

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