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10 Questions Every Panera Employee Hates

"Hi, do you guys have chicken nuggets?"

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1. "Can I get that on panini bread?"


There is no such thing.

2. "So do you guys have hasbrowns?"

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3. "Whats the difference between a half and a whole salad?"


4. "Can you take the egg out of the soufflé?"

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And various other impossible orders.

5. "What soups do you have today?"

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*Proceeds to list soups off for the 100th time today even though they're listed on the board*

6. "Can you put the cream cheese on my bagel for me?"


7. "Can I have a carmel frappuccino?"


Starbucks is down the street.

8. "Can I have a turkey sandwich?"

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9. "What is a You Pick Two?"

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Bless your heart.

10. "Isn't this Panera BREAD?"

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When you're out of baguettes and the customer acts as if their dog died.

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