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    Addicted To Beauty Haul Videos? You Are Not Alone

    The sister of the makeup tutorial, the cousin of the unboxing video, the beauty haul is the best thing, ever. Who knew watching a stranger show you the new makeup they bought could be this entertaining?

    Watching beauty hauls is like vicarious shopping.

    You get the “ooh” factor, with none of the buyer’s remorse.

    The sheer amount of stuff these vloggers purchase per haul video is actually amazing.

    Am I shopping wrong? How does one accomplish this much on one trip?

    So. much. stuff. from. Lush. Officially jealous.

    But it’s hard to hate on people with this much personality.

    Monthly favorites videos are consistently the highlight of the month.

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    Side note: ItsMyRayeRaye is the queen of eBay beauty purchases. Seriously. She's an inspiration.

    Dual hauls are one video, but twice the fun.

    Twice the vloggers, twice the makeup, plus the knowledge that two of your favorite YouTubers are besties.

    The longing to visit stores that aren't in your country.

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    All those clothes and makeup, TOO. What is this magical place she speaks of? Why can't it be here? (Skip ahead to 7:55 if you’re only in this for the makeup.)

    Drugstore beauty hauls are the Internet's gift to makeup addicts on a budget.

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    Going to have to try that concealer....

    The excitement you feel whenever they take the time to swatch.


    But most of all, they give you inspiration to try something new.

    Now I'm off to go stand in the middle of Ulta and demand that they take my money.

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