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    20 Creative Wedding Seating Cards

    Check out these out-of-the-ordinary seating cards and displays

    1. Garden Seating Cards

    2. Beautiful Foliage Reception Seating Display

    3. Pennant and Clothespin Seating Card Display

    4. Parasol Seating Cards

    5. Light Bulb Seating Cards

    6. Seat-Kabob

    7. Succulent Place Card Planters

    8. Keys, Lace and Tags

    9. Compass Seating Assignments

    10. Film Canister Seat Assignments

    11. Arrow Escort Cards

    12. Moss Garden Tag Cards

    13. Cardless Seating Assignment

    14. Playing Card Seat Assignments

    15. Herb Platers

    16. Mix CD Seating Cards


    18. Crystal Seating Cards

    19. "Please Take Your Seat"

    20. Constellation Seating Cards