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    20 Creative Wedding Seating Cards

    Check out these out-of-the-ordinary seating cards and displays

    1. Garden Seating Cards

    2. Beautiful Foliage Reception Seating Display


    This seating display is the perfect balance of natural elements and fun, graphic details.

    3. Pennant and Clothespin Seating Card Display


    This whimsical reception seating display makes use of the wedding colors and is an easy DIY.

    4. Parasol Seating Cards


    Using mini drink umbrellas anchored in a plate of sand is the perfect way to seat your guests at a beach wedding.

    5. Light Bulb Seating Cards


    For a nostalgic, vintage feel, make use of old incandescent light bulbs with copper glitter and strips of paper.

    6. Seat-Kabob


    A modern twist on the classic seating card, this chic style organizes guests' names by letter for easy access.

    7. Succulent Place Card Planters


    These elegant and earthy succulent planters do double duty as both place cards, and unique wedding favors.

    8. Keys, Lace and Tags


    Oh, for the love of vintage! Make this awesome seating display happen by ordering vintage keys from an online supplier. Or stealing a janitor's key ring.

    9. Compass Seating Assignments


    These classy giveaways are perfect for the couple that adore travel and want to pay hommage to that passion.

    10. Film Canister Seat Assignments


    Are you or your significant other passionate about photography? These seating cards are an adorable way to infuse that into your reception.

    11. Arrow Escort Cards


    These whimsical arrows are displayed in tall votive glasses, anchored with glitter, and use the wedding colors.

    12. Moss Garden Tag Cards


    This elegant seating card display uses vintage cake tins, moss, garden-hook stakes and classy black tags.

    13. Cardless Seating Assignment


    No Escort Cards?! This display makes a beatiful addition to the reception hall, saves the bride money, and makes it easy for guests to find their table number. Win.

    14. Playing Card Seat Assignments


    These clever cards give traditional seating cards a playful twist.

    15. Herb Platers


    These herb planters make a lovely wedding favor for your guests, and are a relatively inexpensive DIY.

    16. Mix CD Seating Cards


    Share your wedding playlist with your guests through these escort cards.



    These button seating cards also serve to introduce guests to one another. With a button maker and an inkjet printer, these can be DIYed easily.


    Alternately, you could create individual pins for each guest incoperating an inside joke or special memory. These serve as great conversation starters and wedding momentos!

    18. Crystal Seating Cards


    For the bride looking to include a lot of natural elegance in her wedding, these crystal seating cards are an easy DIY. Crystals can be wrapped in thin copper wire and tagged..

    19. "Please Take Your Seat"


    These clever seating cards add a sense of humor to the reception.

    20. Constellation Seating Cards

    Instead of assigning tables numbers, give each table a constellation, which will correspond to those printed on guests' seating cards.

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