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18 Signs You Know You're From Pittsburgh

"Your Kennywood's open"

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7. You Definitely Jammed When This Song Came Out

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And were completely disgusted when Lil Wayne made "Green and Yellow"

11. You've Enjoyed All The Great Art That Pittsburgh Has

Paul Laux

From the Andy Warhol museum to the Mattress Factory to the Carnegie Museum of Art, anyone who wants to see good art has plenty of places to pick from in Pittsburgh.

13. You Have A Lot of Pride In Your Sports Teams

Dead Spin

Win or lose, you'll forever be a Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates fan for life because you bleed black and gold. And sometimes you even get tattoos to show that support

14. You've Dipped Your Feet In The Point Water Before

Lauren Lippert

And even though it might've grossed you out at first, the view of the city immediately puts you in awe, and you completely forget about it.

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