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    The Struggles Of Finals Week, As Told By "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

    Everyone could use some Gina Linetti to get them through this week.

    When your friends ask how you're doing:

    Doing practice questions you found online:

    The night before a test you haven't started studying for:

    When one of your friends asks if you need a study break:

    And then you realize you should probably go back to studying:

    When you've been studying the entire night and it's already morning:

    If someone tries to cut in line at Starbucks:

    Trying to cram before the test, but giving up because it's not worth it:

    Studying with friends:

    Going into a final you barely studied for:

    Sending your friends off to their exams:

    And finally getting rid of your notes after you've passed the exam:

    Good luck on finals, everyone!

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