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    Eat Some Food In Riverdale To Reveal Which Riverdale Kid You're Most Like

    When there's a murderer on the lose, all one can do is eat.

    1. Choose a type of milk for your milkshake

    2. Choose your ice cream for your milkshake

    3. Add in a syrup for your milkshake

    4. Choose an add in for your milkshake

    5. Choose a topping for your milkshake

    6. Drink another beverage from Pop's

    7. Eat a meal from Pop's

    8. Eat a slice of pie from Pop's

    9. What will you eat the pie with?

    10. Choose a snack to eat at the closing of the Twilight Drive In

    11. Choose a coke to drink at the closing of Twilight Drive In

    12. Finally, pick a treat to eat at the Pickens Festival

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