11 New Technologies Helping Humans Around The Globe

New technology is created every single day, but these technologies are helping people across the globe and they deserve some recognition.

1. WiFi balloons for rural areas

Sydney Morning Herald / Via smh.com.au

Google has 30 balloons floating over New Zealand to provide free internet access to disaster-stricken, rural or poor areas.

2. Wireless network balloons for Africa and Asia

Google is also using giant balloon structures to create wireless networks for sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

3. 3D printed organs for saving lives

Doctors used plastic particles and a 3-D laser printer to create an airway splint to save the life of a baby boy who used to stop breathing nearly every day.

4. Flying bike for commuters

This flying bike uses six giant rotating fans to provide lift and balance and is powered by batteries. It could be the future of commuting and help with less fuel emissions.

5. Cute robot animals for therapy

IEEE members are developing new technologies, like this interactive robotic seal that acts as a therapeutic tool for elders and those suffering from depression.

6. Holographic organs for teaching

Dr. Kapil Sugand and Dr. Pedro Campos use holographic organs to make it easier for students to learn the vast amount of detail needed to pass their exams and as an aid for teaching surgery.

7. Wheelchair steered by brain waves for disabled

Hung Nguyen has developed a chair that can be steered by brain waves to help people with severe spinal cord injuries.

8. New development for developing algae biofuels

Sara Volz, winner of the 2013 Intel Science Talent Search, modified the nitrogen supply and genetics of algae to make them produce more oil than before.

9. Exoskeleton for paralyzed people

MindWalker is the world’s first exoskeleton that allows paralyzed people to walk using their mind. They expect it to be ready for the public in 5 years.

10. Soylent for nutrition balance

Soylent by Rob Rhinehart contains all the human body needs to be completely satiated and nutritionally balanced. The mixture is composed of many vitamins and minerals including calcium, potassium, zinc, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. Rhinehart started testing Soylent on himself, and found it gave him more energy, he lost weight and always felt full.

11. Bionic hand for future of prosthetic limbs

“i-limb” developed by a Scottish company, Touch Bionics, comes with an aluminium chassis and 24 different grip patterns and is controlled by an iPhone app.

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