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    The Ultimate Guide To Food Delivery In And Around Los Angeles

    At least we still have sushi.

    Though it's important to practice social distancing at this time to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, it's definitely taking a toll on many businesses, including restaurants. And while takeout may be our only option right now, the truth is, LA is always a great place to be when it comes to ordering delivery.


    Let this list be your delivery guide through one of the country's biggest foodie destinations. Oh, and don't forget to read up on our tips for ordering delivery.

    1. Sugarfish packs your sushi and sashimi in a box, separated by dish, with all condiments on the side so your food stays fresh.

    Yessica C./Yelp

    Don't worry, they send along instructions for which condiments go with which fish. Talk about some A+ service β€” even from your couch.

    Yelp review: "My pallet was not ready for the flavor packed in such simple and small items of food. THE TUNA BLEW ME AWAY. The tuna was by far my favorite part, but everything else was utterly amazing." β€”Yessica C.

    Delivery options: Order directly on their website, Postmates

    Location: 10 locations in and around LA

    2. 800 Degrees wood-fires their pizzas at β€” you guessed it β€” 800 degrees, and the result is a super-quick and perfectly crisp pie.

    3. The wildly popular lunch spot Mendocino Farms offers all their sandwiches and salads up for delivery, so you can grind away and still get some delicious midday eats.

    4. When you think delivery, you may not automatically think ice cream, but Coolhaus will change your mind.

    5. You can't get much more LA than Backyard Bowls, a fresh and healthy joint that specializes in açaí bowls (but has porridge bowls, grain bowls, and smoothies on offer too).

    6. Thanks to Zankou Chicken, you can feel as though you have a shawarma cart right in your living room.

    Henri V./Yelp

    From rotisserie chicken to Mediterranean plates and skewers, you can get your chicken fix without lifting a finger.

    Yelp review: "Rotisserie chicken is the specialty, along with Mediterranean side dishes. Earlier I got the quarter white chicken meat, hummus and salad with tomatoes, radish, and chili peppers. Also got a side of mutabbal, a deep-roasted eggplant dish with tahini and Mediterranean die for delish." β€” Henri V.

    Delivery options: Doordash, Postmates

    Location: 7 locations in and around LA

    7. Tocaya Organica offers delicious Mexican cuisine rooted in traditional recipes β€” but with a modern twist. Think Mexican kale caesar salad, vegan burritos, and fajita bowls.

    Sandra S./Yelp

    This joint also offers a super-cool meal prep option, where they break down their bowls and box up four servings of each ingredient, so you can eat some now and save some for later.

    Yelp review: "The food here is simple but so so good!!! We usually order the Street Corn en Fuego bowl, and we order it with the Diablo Chicken instead of the recommended Turkey Picante. We've also tried the corn tamale which is one of the best corn tamales I've had. It's super moist and tasty! Overall, we will definitely be coming back!" β€” Sandra S.

    Delivery options: Postmates, Doordash, Grubhub

    Location: 11 locations in and around LA

    8. Texas barbecue joint Baby Blues BBQ truly lives by the state's saying, "Everything's bigger in Texas."

    9. The neighborhood Thai restaurant Luv2eat Thai Bistro has grown to become one of LA's go-tos for delivery.

    10. If you need some comfort food, Canter's Deli will give you the biggest of comfort food hugs in the form of hot sandwiches, potato pancakes, and warming soups.

    11. If you're craving the deliciousness that comes with eating at a gastropub, Simmzy's will deliver its menu of burgers, tacos, salads, and sandwiches straight to your couch.

    12. Joe's Pizza gets you about as close to a New York slice as possible β€” without hopping on a five-hour flight.

    Alexandra C./Yelp

    You can order slices, full pies, and garlic knots in a New York minute.

    Yelp review: "Hailing from the East Coast this is the ONLY place that comes remotely close to NY-style pizza. Crispy but still doughy. You can fold it in half and it doesn't fall apart. On one hand I'm happy I found this place but on the other hand, I'll be gaining 20 pounds." β€”Alexandra C.

    Delivery options: Order directly on their website, Grubhub, Doordash

    Location: Sunset Strip, Hollywood, Downtown, Sherman Oaks

    13. Destroyer is known for its beautiful dishes, and lucky for you, they deliver the beauty straight to your door, too.

    Alicia T./Yelp

    From the cheese croissant to the spice cake, each dish will be a sight in itself, and you can expect lots of floral garnishes to top off the display.

    Yelp review: "I think what really makes Destroyer stand out is the outstanding food presentation and the flavor combinations that are truly one of a kind. I mean, never have I had rice porridge with puffed rice and burnt onions before, or mushrooms combined with arugula, spelt, and cheese. The mushrooms and cauliflower were def my favorites β€” I split these with a friend we still had plenty leftover that we were able to eat the next day!" β€”Alicia T.

    Delivery options: Postmates, Caviar, Grubhub

    Location: Culver City

    14. Japanese restaurant Tsubaki's cooler (possibly drunker) younger brother Ototo is a sake bar that dishes out Japanese bar food to the masses.

    15. Family owned Clementine Bakery is an LA staple for sandwiches, salads, breakfast, cookies, scones, and pastries.

    16. Beloved Italian restaurant Osteria Mozza's delivery shop Mozza2go brings you everything you love about the original restaurant β€” like fresh burrata and crispy crust pizzas β€” in a box.

    Mindy T./Yelp

    You can't skip out on the Prosciutto di Parma, rucola, tomato, and mozzarella or the Brussels sprouts pizzas (is there really a better vehicle for greens than pizza?).

    Yelp review: "I had a great experience using their online ordering system β€” everything went smoothly, so no complaints there. Basically, you just place an order online, then arrive at Mozza2go, give them your name, and you get your food. My order took about 40 minutes. Exactly what the ordering system estimated." β€”Mindy T.

    Delivery options: Order directly on their website, Caviar, Postmates

    Location: Hollywood

    17. The gyros from Good Greek Grill are some of LA's best for lunch, dinner, or even late night eats.

    Shushan A./Yelp

    Try the classic gyro if you're down for some meat, veggies, tzatziki sauce, and fries wrapped in a pita. Or if you feel like something a bit healthier, the LA gyro replaces the fries with lettuce.

    Yelp review: "If I need good quality and quick food, this is one of my favourite picks!!! I love Mediterranean food so can't ignore the taste and quality of this place. You definitely should try their dolmas and beef/lamb gyros β€” one of the best in the town for sure. Also a great place for Postmates deliveries." β€”Shushan A.

    Delivery options: Order directly on their website, Postmates

    Location: Hollywood

    18. Sari Sari Store serves Filipino rice bowls complete with garlic rice, meat, and fried eggs. You can also get a buko pie (a Filipino coconut pie) if you need to curb your sweet tooth.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

    Oh, and don't forget to tip your couriers generously!


    Are there any spots in Los Angeles that *you* love ordering from? Let us know in the comments β€” we may even add your suggestion to the post.

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