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    13 Things To Do In NYC For Valentine’s Day If You Hate Valentine’s Day

    Ugh, couples.

    1. Eat blissfully solo at Ichiran Ramen.

    2. Throw darts at a photo of your ex's face at the Moxy Chelsea.

    3. Learn to love yourself (even more) at 305 Fitness.

    4. Let it all out at Break Bar.

    5. Sit in near-silence at Burp Castle, a whisper-only bar in East Village.

    6. Trade a photo of your ex for a free Whopper at Burger King.

    7. Dress head-to-toe in black and prepare to NOT celebrate love at Littlefield's "It's Friday, I'm (Not) In Love" Anti-Valentine's Party.

    8. Get out of New York and head over to Jersey City for the Midnight Market Valentine's Day Foodie Festival.

    9. Treat yo'self at Babeland.

    10. Shred a photo of your ex in exchange for a free drink at The Seneca.

    11. Escape to Elevated Acre, a hidden garden in the middle of the city, for some quality "me time."

    12. Go to the House of Yes "F*ck Love" party.

    13. Take advantage of the shorter checkout lines at Trader Joe's.

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