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Things That Suck About Applying To University

University is awesome. Applying, however, is not.

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You come in on the first day of school and everyone is already talking about university applications.


This is the first time I've woken up before midday for three months. Just stop.

Within two weeks, the medicine, vet medicine and dentistry applicants have their applications finished already.

Let's not forget being forced to attend university applications assemblies.


Two hours of horror stories and handouts I'll never see again? Hold me back.

A few months into the school year, think it's a good time to start looking into what courses you want to apply for.

...Until someone tells you the applications deadlines.


I have how much time?

You find a totally awesome course, but the university that offers it is too expensive/you don’t have the grades to get in.


I guess I'll just take my Harry Potter knowledge elsewhere.

You sit down to write your personal statement. The experience is a painful insight into how boring a person you really are.


No matter how many personal statement examples you read, there's no way you can spin spending 8 hours a day on Tumblr into a proactive hobby.

Seriously, personal statements are the worst.

You put your word-perfect personal statement into your application, only to find out it’s four characters over the character limit.

Application's sent. That's it! Exciting, right? Wrong. Now comes the wait.

And you wait...

And wait...

And wait...

Until you're spending approximately 23 hours a day logged into your UCAS account.

Suddenly, an email from UCAS pops up in your inbox. A reply!


Your excitement knows no bounds.

You log in and... oh, a rejection.

Never mind.


I didn't even want to go to your dumb university in the first place.

A second email comes in. You don't feel as confident about this one.

You log in... it's an offer!

You're not going to be homeless, destitute, and everything else your teachers warned about if you didn't go to university!

It won't take long until all your offers come back and you finally accept your place on a course.

Rejoice, you did it! Now relax and hope you never ever decide to apply for grad school.

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