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The Definitive Ranking Of Australia's Theme Parks And Water Parks

Since it's summer, you're definitely going to want to know which park is best.

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18. Greenhills Adventure Park

Look, a flying fox and a maze does not a theme park make. But thanks for trying South Australia.

17. Funfields, Whittlesea

Yeah, Funfields has a couple of cool rides — a pirate ship and some water slides, but then it's just mini golf, or really slow go karts.

16. Sugarworld Water Park

Whilst it has a giant bucket that dumps water on you, and the water slides are getting faster, it's still not that great.


14. Kings Carnival, Perth

Kings Carnival gets points for having an old school Ferris Wheel and some semi thrill seeking rides. It's one of the oldest theme parks in the country too. Which does make you slightly worried about the safety of some of the attractions...

13. Big Splash Waterpark, Canberra

Canberra's only waterpark is pretty impressive. It even had an upgrade last summer, with some super fast Twister slides.

12. The Beachouse! Glenelg

Steph Parker / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: stephpar

South Australia makes it back on the list with the Beachouse, which is pretty rad. Look at those slides! It also has arcade games and a historic merry go round.


9. Jamberoo Recreation Park, Jamberoo

Evan Watson / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: evan144

Not only does Jamberoo have the catchiest ad ever, but the rides are very cool. Lots rides and it's nowhere near as busy as some of the more popular parks.

8. Adventure Park, Geelong

Who would have thought Geelong would have an awesome theme park?

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