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    The Definitive Ranking Of Australia's Theme Parks And Water Parks

    Since it's summer, you're definitely going to want to know which park is best.

    19. Gumbuya Park

    Via Flickr: d-l-j-h

    Gumbuya Park in Victoria claims to be a theme park. Really it's an animal park with a toboggan and mini golf. Yawn.

    18. Greenhills Adventure Park

    17. Funfields, Whittlesea

    16. Sugarworld Water Park

    15. Manly Waterworks, Sydney


    Manly Waterworks gets bumped up because it featured in BMX Bandits. But it's only a couple of slides, so not that much.

    14. Kings Carnival, Perth

    13. Big Splash Waterpark, Canberra

    12. The Beachouse! Glenelg

    Steph Parker / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: stephpar

    South Australia makes it back on the list with the Beachouse, which is pretty rad. Look at those slides! It also has arcade games and a historic merry go round.

    11. Magic Mountain, Merimbula

    island home / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lawson_matthews

    The roller coaster may be not that big, but the the pirate ship is fantastic and it has a carpet slide. A CARPET SLIDE.

    10. Sea World, Gold Coast

    Facebook / Via Facebook: seaworldgoldcoast

    It's mainly about the dolphins, but it has some pretty cool rides too. Still, it's not as great as it's hyped up to be

    9. Jamberoo Recreation Park, Jamberoo

    Evan Watson / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: evan144

    Not only does Jamberoo have the catchiest ad ever, but the rides are very cool. Lots rides and it's nowhere near as busy as some of the more popular parks.

    8. Adventure Park, Geelong

    7. Aussie World, Sunshine Coast

    Rick Meredith / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: dislegal

    It's got thrill rides AND the Ettamogah Pub is next door. What more could you want?!

    6. Movie World, Gold Coast

    Cacau & Xande / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: alexmartins

    One of the classics. Movie themed rides, plus you can go to Diagon Alley. Every Harry Potter nerd's dream

    5. Luna Park, Sydney and Melbourne

    Via Flickr: nickimm

    The old classic, Luna Park. It's up there, with it's vintage charm and some pretty awesome rides. The crazed face is a little creepy though.

    4. Whitewater World, Gold Coast

    Via Flickr: hopkinsii

    Look at all those waterslides. Plus it has a wave pool. Heaven.

    3. Adventure World, Perth

    Photoholic 4ever / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: photoholic007

    Look at that roller coaster. It's called The Abyss and is the most terrifying and amazing thing I have ever seen.

    2. Wet N Wild, Gold Coast and Sydney

    Via Flickr: thepen

    Look at that monster. Wet N Wild is the ultimate in water parks.

    1. Dreamworld, Gold Coast

    Via Flickr: interiorphotos

    Dreamworld is the best theme park in Australia, hands down. The Giant Drop, The Claw, The Tower of Terror. Every adrenaline junkie's dream.

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