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    7 Fandom Themed Cocktails For Your Inner Geek

    Perfect for a geeky party or just to have whilst watching your favourite show

    1. For Harry Potter lovers, the 'Neville Longbottom'

    Backyard Bartender / Via

    With tea infused gin. Backyard Bartender shows you how.

    2. If you fancy yourself a Walking Dead zombie, have a 'Brain Hemorrhage'

    Zombies Everywhere / Via

    It tastes a lot better than it looks. Zombies Everywhere has the recipe.

    3. Game of Thrones fans can be brave and try the 'White Walker'

    A Heaping Spoonful / Via

    A Heaping Spoonful has got you covered.

    4. For Whovians, 'The Spoiler'

    Alex Murphy / Via

    This River Song inspired cocktail is delicious and can be found at Doctor Who Cocktails.

    5. If you want to run away to Narnia, have a 'Turkish Delight Martini'

    Keely / Via

    Tasty and alcoholic! Recipe can be found at Gormandize.

    6. But if you'd rather be hunting with the Winchesters, have the 'Salt N Burn'

    Nanea Hoffman / Via

    Sweatpants and Coffee has got you covered.

    7. The 'Girl On Fire' is sure to get you through the next Hunger Games Film

    The Drunken Moogle / Via

    The Drunken Moogle shows you how.

    HBO / Via

    What are you waiting for? Go forth and drink fellow geeks!

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