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70 Thoughts I Had While Watching Of Game Of Thrones

The majority of these are actual reaction texts sent to a friend while binge-watching Season 1. Spoilers ahead.

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Ep. 1 - Winter is Coming

1. That was the weirdest opening scene of any show I have ever seen.

2. What the heck were those creepy things?

3. What the heck is happening?

4. Who are all of these people?

5. Is that the "One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor" guy?

6. Yep, that's him.

7. Like really, who are all these people? How do they relate to each other?

8. I need some family tree diagrams, stat.

9. 5 direwolf puppies for 5 Stark children? Wait, who's the fifth one?

10. Ewwww. That super blonde guy is a creep!

11. I am super scared of the Dothraki's.

12. Maybe Drogo will actually be sweet to her and surprise us all.

13. Nope. Pretty brutal.

14. Woah! Incest and murder in the first episode! Dang!

Ep. 2- The King's Road

15. Okay, so "attempted murder."

16. Who is Jon Stark's mother?

17. I really like him.

18. Why is the lady being so mean to him? It's not his fault...

19. Awwwwww. Eddard just called him a Stark. So sweet.

20. Welp, now Khal Drogo is learning how to properly have sex.

21. Wait, is Joffrey and incest baby?!?!?!?!?!!!

22. I think he's an incest baby.

23. Do people know?

24. Does his mother know?

25. Arya just beat Joffrey and made him cry like a little baby. Ugh.

26. What the heck does "Winter is coming" mean?

27. Like is it literal? or metaphorical?

28. Bran is awake!

Ep. 3 - Lord Snow

29. Does Jon Snow ever leave the wall?

30. I want him to have a beautiful family!

31. Khaleesi is preggo!

32. Hooray for Drogo babies!

Ep. 5 - The Wolf and the Lion

33. That poor child-actor that had to breast feed from that weird lady...

34. I hate Jamie!

35. No! Don't spear Ned!!

Ep. 6 - A Golden Crown

36. They just threw that man down that hole. Dang.

37. Uh oh. Eddard knows about the incest!

38. Khal Drogo just killed creepy brother with hot gold.

39. You go, Khal Drogo!

Ep. 7 - You Win or You Die

40. Ummmmm, weirdest scene ever just happened.

41. Woah oh. Drogo bout to sail across the ocean and kill everyone!

42. I think I love Khal Drogo.

43. The king is dead. Been waiting for that to happen.

44. No! They betrayed Eddard! How could you!

Ep. 8 - The Pointy End

45. Yep, definitely love Drogo.

46. Ummm ... did this just turn into The Walking Dead?

47. There are zombies now?

Ep. 9 - Baelor

48. Khal Drogo is sick! No!

49. He better get better. I can't handle this!

50. No!!!!!! They just said he's going to die. No!!!!!!

51. Oh, magic will save him!

52. I don't want him to die!

53. Khaleesi is having her baby and just went into the tent when she wasn't supposed to.

54. Go help your family, Jon! Leave the wall!

55. He can't die. He's too important.

56. Someone save him!

57. What the %*$! !!! Are you freaking kidding me!?

Ep. 10 - Fire and Blood

58. Queen lady is a freak!!

59. Like is she sleeping with everyone she's related to?

60. Joffrey is the worst.

61. The absolute worst there ever was.

62. Yeah! King of the North!

63. Ummmm, did Khaleesi birth a stillborn dragon?

64. What the hell is wrong with Drogo?

65. Wake him up!

66. She is smothering him!!!!!!!!

67. What the crap is happening?????!??????!??!!!?????

68. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no

69. Dragons? What the hell?

70. Why does everyone keep dying?

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