17 Reasons You Should Definitely Binge Watch Veronica Mars

The Veronica Mars Movie comes out on March 14th. You totally have time to watch all three seasons on Amazon Instant Prime before then.

1. Veronica works for her father - a private investigator.

She is always on stakeouts and taking surveillance photos. Solving all kinds of cases - from helping girls break up with their jerk boyfriends to finding out who killed her best friend.

2. Veronica is just so great. You’ll want to be her best friend.

Yes you, Veronica…

3. She is hilariously funny and really witty.

4. But she is also pretty tough.

She gets by with a little help from her friends … and her taser.

5. There is great early 2000s fashion and hair!

6. Veronica has a great relationship with her P.I. dad, Keith Mars.

7. There is this one time where Veronica gives stripping advice to her father.

8. There is also this pretty cool guy named Logan.

9. Logan starts out as complete jerk.

Warning: You will NOT like him at first.

10. But he quickly becomes lovable.

Look at that smirk.

11. He has great one-liners, like this one in the interrogation room…

12. And this one too…

He is the only person (besides Mr. Mars) witty enough to keep up with Veronica.

13. There are all kinds of fun guest stars.

Max Greenfield (New Girl), Adam Scott, Aaron Paul, Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl), Amanda Seyfried, Paris Hilton, and even JTT himself - Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

14. And even a super sweet guy named Piz.

15. The Veronica Mars Movie comes out on March 14th!

Better start watching ASAP!

16. There will be more of Logan.

Thank goodness.

17. And there’s also this:

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