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If You Haven't Heard Of Injection Face Masks, Here's What They Look Like

The serum just ooooozed right out.

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Hey! We're Lauren and Javi – one of us is obsessed with skincare and the other doesn't care at all.

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Lauren: I follow the 10-Step Korean skincare routine, so yeah, I'm into skincare. I love using face masks because it's like a mini spa night. Who doesn't that?

Javi: My skin care routine is that I don't really have one. I had aggressive acne as a teenager, and washing my face seemed to make it worse. Now I either just let water run over it in the shower, or I occasionally use a face wash I bought in the San Francisco airport.

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We were definitely confused from the start.

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The directions are in Korean, and although Lauren is Korean she didn't understand most of it. So we tried to make sense of the pictures.

Here are the instructions in English if you want to try the mask:

Step 1: Press the syringe down to release the serum, and shake.

Step 2: Squeeze the serum into the packet with the sheet mask.

Step 3: Massage the content in the bag to spread the serum on the mask.

Step 4: Slap the face mask on and wait 15-20 minutes.


After we finally got the mask on, we had a few thoughts:

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Lauren: Ahhh honestly, not a fan of this. Sheet masks are supposed to be easy, and this was so much effort and a little stress too if I'm being honest.

Javi: The mask looked like something you wear as you're getting ready for a night of murder. It felt cold and slimy – I didn't like the feeling at all.

Our final thoughts:

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Lauren: I didn't really see a huge difference that would make me want to use this expensive mask instead of my $1-2 sheet masks. It felt a little greasy, sticky, and not as refreshing as I hoped. PASS!

Javi: I'm not used to having anything on my face so just that alone was out of my usual element. However, after taking it off my skin felt noticeably ~fresh~. I would use it again.