We Tried Green Color-Changing Makeup And It Was Actually Magical

    Would you try green makeup?

    What is up everybody, Lauren and Sheridan here. We're huge fans of weird beauty trends and products, especially if they say they're going to do something AWESOME – LIKE CHANGE COLOR.

    Enter: Green color-changing makeup by Lipstick Queen that becomes your perfect shade of pink in a matter of seconds.

    The most popular item is the green lipstick (there are several colors!) but we decided to ball the fuck out and try the whole set.

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    BuzzFeedYellow / Via youtube.com

    It's $45, and comes with a creme blush, lipgloss, and lipstick.

    We tried the blush first, and we were not happy with how it felt on our skin.

    But it ended up turning into a very pretty pink shade for both of us, so we were pretty pleased about that.

    Next up was the lipgloss, which was very pigmented but left some unfortunate green sparkles.

    And FINALLY, we got to try the lipstick in the shade Frog Prince.

    Overall, we were pretty impressed by how well the color changed and how it actually looks different on both of us. Well done, Lipstick Queen.