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We Tried Green Color-Changing Makeup And It Was Actually Magical

Would you try green makeup?

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What is up everybody, Lauren and Sheridan here. We're huge fans of weird beauty trends and products, especially if they say they're going to do something AWESOME – LIKE CHANGE COLOR.

Enter: Green color-changing makeup by Lipstick Queen that becomes your perfect shade of pink in a matter of seconds.

Lauren Han / BuzzFeed

This very, very green makeup is supposed to react with your pH balance and skin complexion to transform into PINK! It does go on pretty sheer (not green), and takes a few seconds to become the "perfect custom pink."

The most popular item is the green lipstick (there are several colors!) but we decided to ball the fuck out and try the whole set.

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BuzzFeedYellow / Via youtube.com

It's $45, and comes with a creme blush, lipgloss, and lipstick.

But it ended up turning into a very pretty pink shade for both of us, so we were pretty pleased about that.

Annie Jeong / BuzzFeed

Lauren: Y'all, this shit is GREEN. Like a very vibrant, mossy green. I can't believe that it didn't look green at all on my skin! At first, it seemed a little sheer, so I definitely applied way too much thinking it wasn't going to show, but after a few minutes the ~magic~ started and I ended up looking clownish. But it was definitely a very pretty shade of pink, and I felt like it added a healthy glow to my face.

Grade: B-

Sheridan: I'm someone who cares A LOT about texture. It's why I don't eat eggs or wear wool — no matter how good it might taste or look, there's something off about the feeling. So I wasn't super excited to dip my finger in this because the blush felt a lot greasier than I thought it would. And though it was quite magical to see it turn colors — and the rosy pink was pretty perfect for my skin — I just can't get past the texture. I felt like I could fry some chicken on my face.

Grade: C

Annie Jeong / BuzzFeed

Lauren: I am NOT A FAN OF LIP GLOSS. I do not know anyone who really loves lip gloss, except for Sheridan actually. It's fucking sticky and hair gets in your face and it's just so, so terrible. Although this one was admittedly less sticky than most, it's still very shiny. The lipgloss itself was super pigmented, which I was excited about, but Sheridan was quick to remind me that there were still some very noticeable green sparkles. 😥 What I loved most though, is that after I wiped all the goo off my lips, they were stained with the color leaving my lips very pink-red.

Grade: B+

Annie Jeong / BuzzFeed

Sheridan: Unlike Lauren, I LOVE lip gloss. I grew up in New Jersey, where the glossier your lip was, the closer to god you were. I was pleasantly surprised that this lipstick felt pretty good on my lips. It was a bit difficult to blend, but once you let it set so that most of the green faded, I was obsessed with the results. Give me rosy glistening lips or give me death!

Grade: A

Annie Jeong / BuzzFeed

Lauren: Oh ma damn, this was soooo moisturizing. It didn't feel like a lipstick at all! I don't wear pink lipstick often but I will admit – I think this was a rather pretty shade of pink. I'm not sure if it's worth $25, but then I think about how my lips have never felt better (or more like butter) and forget about the price...

Grade: A

Annie Jeong / BuzzFeed

Sheridan: This was it, the big cheese, and I totally get the hype. It felt super good on my lips, and the color payoff was that wonderful shade of rosy pink that makes you look like a cherubic angel floating in the clouds with a harp. My only gripe is that it is oh-so-glossy. Like, if I wanted a glossy lipstick I'd just get a...lipgloss. Can you tell I like lipgloss?

Grade: B+

Overall, we were pretty impressed by how well the color changed and how it actually looks different on both of us. Well done, Lipstick Queen.

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