19 Unique Wedding Gifts Not On The Registry

    These are waaaay better than that set of Egyptian cotton towels they want.

    Listen up folks: if you're going to a wedding and you want to buy a gift that's not on the registry, it had better be a damn good gift.

    None of this shit.

    So here's a list of actually great, unique wedding gifts for all you risky guests out there.

    1. A customized cutting board that's both useful and sweet.

    2. Kitchen towels that know teamwork makes the dream work.

    3. A scrapbook inspired by the movie UP so they can remember all their adventures together.

    4. A customized pillow so there's no way they could ever forget the important dates.

    5. Aprons that show who's who in the relationship.

    6. A poster that tells them that they, too, are an iconic couple.

    7. Or this Disney version, for their fairytale romance.

    8. A basket that will have them all set up for future picnic dates.

    9. A notebook for them to reflect and appreciate each other every day.

    10. Couple shirts they can wear on the way to their honeymoon.

    11. A double sleeping bag that can split into two individual sleeping bags for the outdoorsy couple.

    12. A rustic frame to decorate their walls.

    13. A three-year notebook so the couple can create their own time capsule.

    14. Wooden coasters with a more personal touch.

    15. Classy couples will love this marble print oven mitt set.

    16. A set of mugs with their faces drawn on.

    17. Pillows for couples who don't care which side of the bed is theirs.

    18. A scratch map for the couple with wanderlust.

    19. A customized serving tray will be perfect for those breakfasts in bed.

    Win at wedding gift-giving today.